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Page 7: Mac

Monday, January 8th, 2007

This page introduces the character of Mac, who is named after a golfing buddy of mine, who I’ve always known as Mac, but who turns out to have a real name, Kevin McDermott.  Click his name to see his IMDB page.  He’s the first and only actor cast in Last Blood so far, and I instructed artist Owen Gieni to make the character look like the real Mac.

Minor spoilers: Mac is about to go off on a dangerous mission to get food, water, and other supplies for the survivors at the school, and in this page he’s trying to feel normal by hitting a golf shot before leaving town.  You’ll learn a little more about that on Wednesday.  The girl in the last panel is pretty much the star of Last Blood.

Little things to take note of: In the first panel there is a chalkboard above Mac’s bed, as he’s living in a classroom.  And this isn’t important, but I particularly like seeing the golf tee twirling up in the air in the last panel.

7 Responses to “Page 7: Mac”

  1. Romkira Says:

    I like the idea: zombie vs. vampire as saviors/devourers of humankind.

  2. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Well, just to let you know, they don’t actually devour them. As you’ll discover soon, they don’t need a whole lot of blood to stay alive, although they are greatly weakened without a large supply, which will bring up some dramatic situations later on when they need all their strength to defeat thousands of zombies.

  3. Jeff Says:

    As I have said before, and as I will again now: kudos to the small details (chalkboard, tee, crowd stands in the background). Also, if it is possible, could the blood in the comic be coloured? It would help with the mood of the story, and could help set the importance of the blood in this comic/movie.

    To answer your question about you AIM, Bobby, no. I do not know you personally, but it just happened that i had been to your blog a few moments ago, and decided to put it in there.

  4. Bobby Crosby Says:

    We originally planned for the blood to be colored, and I think Owen just forgot to in Page 4. We’ll probably correct that later.

  5. McGurker Says:

    He looks fat and deppressed in the first panel, it made me sad when I first read it :(.

    But than I found out that he rocks.

  6. Tegu Says:


  7. Atan Says:

    yet another weapon of mass-zombie destruction ^^
    I would prefer knifes as back up, katana as main, shotgun or machinegun (still not sure, since shottey is good stopping power but only close range, and katana is close range too :s) and 2 small recoil handguns

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