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Page 8: April

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

I really like Owen Gieni’s art on this page. April looks great. I’ve never been happy with the dialogue here and I’ve still been tweaking it tonight. With the comics being presented in this format on the site, it feels like each page has to be something good and interesting, but they can’t always be, and I almost don’t even want this scene to be. This is just the calm before the storm.  And the next page is similar in that regard.

Minor spoilers: But then you’ll see some zombies in page 10!  And look for vampires to probably show up in page 12, looking to cut off some heads and secure some fresh blood.

10 Responses to “Page 8: April”

  1. Jay Says:

    I am a former memebr of PXF and found +EV through there. Just wanted to say I LOVE this comic! I love the concept and the story line, artwork!

    I was a huge fan of Morbius and the vampire genre.

  2. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Thanks, Jay! As you’ll see more about later, this is a very new twist on your typical vampire or zombie story, and I think you’ll like it.

  3. Jeff Says:

    Hmm… I notice that April is wearing a Scarf… I might be drawing too many conclusions here… But is that scarf purely for fashion? I guess I’ll find put later. Oh, and Bobby, (mind if i call you ‘Bob’?) you’re giving away too many spoilers.

  4. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Scarf is purely for warmth! It’s the crack of dawn in October in South Dakota.

    Bob is fine.

    I like giving away spoilers, but don’t worry, the biggest ones will be kept secret until you read them in the comic.

  5. Bane Says:

    ok so I love this comic first off

    and second off…

    isnt there a movie with a close resemblance to your vampires protecting humans to live off them idea

    unless of course that movie inspired you in some way

  6. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Bane: Don’t know what movie you’re talking about.

  7. Bane Says:

    oh well i cant think of the name right now id hafta find it again
    but it loosly has the same idea

    and thanks for replying i love the comic 🙂

  8. Santarus Says:

    Very awesome!

  9. Tegu Says:


  10. antonio mexico Says:

    hello i just read up until here. the concept and ideas are very good. Dont know if you really want it the hollywood way cause they always mess, id advice you to go indy with a good producer.

    suerte and keep going

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