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Page 19: Grady for President

Monday, February 5th, 2007

I’d vote for him. I think Mac would be a strong challenger if he survives his mission, though. And maybe that old lady next to April in the second panel. She was also behind April in the fifth panel on Page 18. Keep an eye out for her, because she’s gonna be a very important character. (No, she’s not.)

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  1. Redrover Says:

    Top notch job, as always.

    (First comment – woo!)

  2. Lydia Says:

    Second comment! Great job, as always. I think I’m in love with Math~

  3. Alex Says:

    Question, appox how long has it been since the outbreak of Zombies started in American? One of the things that has always annoyed me about Zombie movies is the lack of background information on the outbreak.

    Basically a general timeline of the outbreak or a bit of a extra info maybe showing attacks around the world would be good maybe?

    Dawn of the Dead (NEW) had the right idea, but again didn’t really go into much detail.

  4. Mr. W x Says:

    But you have to be careful. Resident Evil style voiceovers about the umbrella corporation are just as bad as some character retelling it in a campy way with flashbacks.

  5. Mewt Says:

    Viva la revolution!

    Is anyone else slightly saddened by the fact that a small southern town is the only surviving area in America?

    Wait, US America or North America? I can’t imagine zombies would be surviving too well in Mexico…

  6. Alex Says:

    Oh I agree. I just hope the movie and story doesn’t just focus on America and maybe somehow links in other places as well.

    Just seems all these Zombie movies always happen in America 🙂 lol

    28 Days later is a good example of how good a movie can be elsewhere.

  7. Grogo67 Says:

    1st panel: I love the eyes!
    2nd panel: Aunt Bea? (The Andy Griffith Show)
    4th panel: Mat/Math has a very strong resemblance to Tom Cruise.
    6th & 7th panels: At first I was seeing Kenau Reeves in this role but after thinking about it more I think Jason Lee would be a better fit!

    Keep up the great work!

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Question, appox how long has it been since the outbreak of Zombies started in American?”

    Grady said on Page 6 that it’s been a month. He was correct.

    “Is anyone else slightly saddened by the fact that a small southern town is the only surviving area in America?”

    They’re not in the South — they’re in South Dakota. And they survive (among other reasons) because they’re in such a remote area and no large groups of zombies have reached them yet, as zombies are attracted to large masses of people and lights and such.

    We will see at least one other country in a flashback when Math describes a failed rescue attempt.

  9. Henry Says:

    you’d think that people in even more remote areas would survive as long, too, such as northern canada, greenland, iceland, small islands and so on…

    also i find it somewhat unralistic to assume that no government or military force in the world would have put up a longer fight than one month. not all the people enforcing the zombie quarantines can be lazy and fat sheriff deputies 😉

  10. Bobby Crosby Says:

    It will all be explained. This is a special case and far different than all zombie movies, as you’ll see later. The next page will give a little more info when it mentions an all-out nuclear war that broke out as a result of the zombies, but that’s only part of it.

    (There is a force with a certain power that is actively trying to kill every single human on Earth in this story, and they also want to keep one small group alive for a certain reason, for a little while at least.)

  11. Sam Says:

    Just to be of a little help to you Bobby the zombie info/spread is explained in a book called “The Zombie Survival Guide”.

  12. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Haven’t read it yet, but I probably will eventually, and “World War Z.” They don’t interest me much — seem very boring.

  13. Jeff Says:

    =/ I wonder how many zombies there are left to attack this small group?

    Oh, and Bobby, check out the graphic novel series, The walking dead. The art is pretty similar, and kinda has the same storyline so far – A group of people are trying to live together whilst under zombie attack.

  14. Bobby Crosby Says:

    How many zombies? Over six billion.

    Does “The Walking Dead” have vampires in it or any other kind of twist? I hate boring zombie stories that just have zombies and nothing of interest going on.

  15. Mewt Says:

    The only thing that ever bugs me about zombie stories is, they’re always idiots with the mental processes of a hungry amoeba. You never see SMART zombies… When we see Zombies start fighting the Vampires with something besides slow, stumbling, moaning numbers, I will be greatly excited with this story.

  16. Bobby Crosby Says:

    You’ll be greatly excited with this story, then, Mewt. Keep reading. That’s one aspect/result of the big twist.

  17. Jimmy Says:

    Oh no, I thought I could read a lot more… I love Zombie movies, comics etc… Hoping to see the movie soon 🙂 Good job!

  18. Alex Says:

    Well they are braindead, that is what makes them Zombies! lol 🙂

    But things may seem ok for now, but its only a matter of time before more and more Zombies show up.

  19. Bobby Crosby Says:

    (Well, it’s possible that not all of them are braindead.) And yes, don’t worry, eventually a billion zombies will show up!

  20. Mewt Says:


    When this becomes a giant multimedia success via a stream of films, games, and quite possibly a very shitty TV show on Sci-Fi channel, I will be proud to say, ‘I was here first!’.

    Let the Zombie ocean begin!

  21. 078136 Says:

    ya itll be cool seeing the movie come out and i can be like…
    ya, well i read the original cmoic on a day to day basis as it came out.

    do you know whats a wicked cool zombie like book?
    Cell by Stephen King
    they have fuckin psychic powers….

  22. Sam Says:

    Another good zombie comic is “Marvel Zombies”

  23. skaar Says:

    maybe a zoom in on the girls camera at the beginning, have the date and time shown on the lcd, or zoom out from it to a wide shot to begin the scene?

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    That might be a good idea. Thanks.

  25. Tegu Says:


  26. Ames Says:

    i think matheson should have a british accent…

  27. Rich Says:

    Oh God no, the whole “British” accent thing has two major problems;

    First, its cliche, and nobody over here actually sound like that, unless you count the rich bastards.

    And the whole British zombie thing is over-done as well; if its not a Transylvanian zombie its a British one most of the time…

    Needless to say, im English. 😛

  28. Steve Richard Mathieson (really) Says:

    You could make him Scottish, it’s a Scottish name anyway…

    …scratch that, an American doing a Scottish accent is even worse!

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