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Page 31: Origin

Monday, March 5th, 2007

I feel as sick as a blood starved vampire right now.

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  1. Bumtown Says:


    And those who dumped the body in the dumpster must be feeling pretty damned stupid.

    Also, how are your vampires able to be killed, if at all?

  2. MB Says:

    Hoho ! Brilliant! It’s logical 😀
    So it’s contagious ? Does that mean that a human can become a zombie the way he can catch a cold? I’m not sure if i’m very clear… ^^” I’m doing the best I can to deal with my bad english :/

  3. Nara Says:

    omg, i was right!! and with only 2 hours to spare! hahahaha! awesomeness, i LOVE this comic!! so original! love it love it love it! and Bumtown is right.. First Zombie in dumpster = BAD BAD news! but how come Math hasnt sensed it? or has he? imagine if the first used to be a good friend of his, how sad {:(
    oh how i looooooove this story!!! Bobby, not to sound like a mom, (and im no where near being one) but have you tried echinacea? its normally good for fighting off bugs, but i find drinking the hot tea helps get you better faster too, plus it wont mess you up as much as thermaflu 🙂 that and sleeping upright propped ontop of 3 pillows is how i survive nasty flus. oh and that lovely kleenex with moisturiser built in so your nose doesnt peel off 🙂 Get well soon!

  4. Paralda Says:

    K… quick question then.

    Why was the original Zombie (a vampire) in a wooden coffin in the middle of the ocean?

  5. Lydia Says:

    Oh, I had never thought of it that way. It’s interesting. Also, the style of this page seems to have changed….. or is it just me?

    Hope you feel better..

  6. OLLLIe Says:

    ya i noticed that slight change in something or another too
    so youre not alone lydia
    i cant really tell what it is though

    ya…what was a zombie doing at the bottom of an ocean?
    some sailors noticed they had some extra cargo aboard?

  7. Bobby Crosby Says:

    All of these questions will be answered in detail in the story. I’m insanely sick right now, horrible pain.

  8. OLLLIe Says:

    that really sucks
    like….stomach flu?

  9. Carrin Says:

    I think I have an idea as to the ocean thing, but as I don’t know the rules involved for potential spoilers, I don’t wanna post.

    Then why post this post?

    The zombie monkeys stole my coffee and refuse to give it up unless I do.

    Also, I can’t quite get words to describe Panel 6’s expression.

    I think it may be akin to “You’re s$#ting me.” Only funnier.

  10. Mewt Says:

    Bobby has his e-mail up around here somewhere. If you E-mail him personally and guess something right, he’ll tell you. As it is, there’s no -rule- against posting spoilers, but the right ones tend to get deleted within an hour. That’s pretty unfair to do to poor Bobby when he’s sick, though. I somehow doubt he’s got the patience right now to be combing the site for spoilers…

    Plus, more stuff’s about to get revealed anyhow, so let’s just grin and bare it.

  11. VDC Says:

    Bobby’s sick? Maybe he’s actually a vampire transforming to a zombie himself?

  12. Nick Says:

    Nobody said the zombie in the ocean was the original one, Paralda. ^^
    Given his state, in the coffin at the bottom of the sea, I’d sooner guess he was just a zombie to begin with.

  13. Grogo67 Says:

    Bobby, hope you feel better soon.

    How can it get worse? The zombies reproduce like rabbits? 😀

  14. MB Says:

    I guess the zombie in the coffin was probably a vampire whom was thrown in the ocean by humans while he was sleeping and then became a zombie.

  15. Hawknfox Says:

    Maybe vampires bitten by a zombie can be infected?

  16. ....WoW Says:

    math killed hitler and the zombie in the ocean was a soldier from the WWII, maybe they were friends….maybe….

    I love this comic!!! , it is so cool!

  17. ....WoW Says:

    or maybe math and the WW2 zombie just knew each other, maybe they were enemies…

  18. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’m crazy sick with multiple problems. Terrible pain for four days. Went to the hospital on Friday, might have to go again.

    “Nobody said the zombie in the ocean was the original one, Paralda.”

    Actually I’ve said that in my posts, many times. No one has guessed anything close to his history yet. I will say that Math never knew him, though, and that he did not go into the ocean against his will.

    Also, did you guys see where Math said it takes decades for a vampire to turn into a zombie without blood?  It takes about 65 years, and the First Zombie didn’t fully become a zombie until the moment we see him break out of his coffin on Page 1.

  19. MB Says:

    Vampire suicide ? :p
    Or maybe he wanted to become a zombie. Maybe he was a mad scientist vampire, or a regular vilain who wanted earth to be invaded with zombies ?
    By the way, i hope you’ll be getting better soon.

  20. Northstar Says:

    I had wondered why the update was a tad late yesterday, though I’d mostly figured you were having internet/computer issues. Poor guy I hope you get better soon. vitamin C is also VERY good and have you ever heard of that stuff called “Airborne”? Wonderful stuff. Helps you get over it faster. Looking forward to the next page of the comic but focus on getting better ok?

  21. MaxwellEdison Says:

    I think the original zombie was a vampire responsible for the machinations resulting in the Battle of the Bulge. he was so distraught at the slaughter (so much waste, he didn’t get so much as a teacup) he climbed into his coffin to rest. On his way transported across the sea the ship was sunk by a nazi U-Boat. 65 years later…zombie-fest!

    Either that or he got seriously pissed at Oktoberfest.

  22. garfalk Says:

    math was in wicked powered today…..

    killing hitler…in the same spot he did it last time….


    get well soon

  23. mochi Says:

    dude, get a bottle of vitamin C from GNC, 4,000 mg of it a day will help immensely.

  24. Tzion Says:

    I like the Last Blood reference in WICKEDPOWERED.

  25. Northstar Says:

    Wow it’s late again. I hope you didn’t have to go to the hospital again. Get better soon.

  26. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’m alive. Still sick, sadly. Sent Owen the script for Page 32 about an hour ago. I’m guessing he’ll do it before the day’s over, but not positive. Probably no new page for Friday, though, but we will at least show the cover of the Free Comic Book Day book. We have to get that book ready to print in the next few days.

  27. Nara Says:

    Hmm. for a vampire to starve to zombiehood they would probably have to deliberatly chhose that. There are too many humans on earth for a vamp to starve. unless they got locked up somewhere. Dont know if Vamps in this story do the turn-to-mist, super-human-strength crap. So it was possibly by choice, now whether he/she knew what would happen to them is another question. Do they get so blood crazed from hunger they loose their minds and that coupled with their vamp cells go nuts turns them into mindless killing machines? And whether or not the Underwater zombie was the First or not, its still a mystery as to HOW he became a zombie. if he was a vamp, why didn’t he just swim (was he asleep for the last 65 years??) if he was a corpse that turned into a zombie, how did he become infected 65 years after his death? and if he died 65 years ago (maybe he died 2 days ago and just liked to wear dog-tags), how come he still has hair and skin attached to his bones? it perplexing and wonderful!. I cant say enough how much I enjoy this comic!
    Bobby, whatever you have sounds horrible and more than a flu, so I hope you get better soon. I normally don’t recommend anti-biotics but you sound like you need major help! Take care of yourself! {:)

  28. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’ve got all kinds of things. Started out as just horrible heart burn, or at least what I thought was heart burn, and then evolved to just about everything else, including a gallbladder issue and possibly another kidney stone even (had one in 2004). Along with all the usual flu symptoms. The worst thing has been all the back/stomach/chest pain, and I think the gallbladder was the main problem there probably. It’s been almost impossible to relax or find a comfortable position since Friday morning, and I’ve rarely been able to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time. I’ve had an almost constant tingling headache too. Sad.

    Oh, and about the First Zombie: Yes, it definitely is the one from the opening scene who was buried in the ocean.  I will say that he intentionally let himself be buried and that he knew what would happen to him and wanted that (he wanted revenge).  We’ll learn a LOT more about his history.  (Another spoiler: He’s related to someone who we’ve already met in the story.)

  29. Northstar Says:

    Sucks SO much to be rushed while you’re sick. Crap! I hope you can rest. I hope you make your deadline but don’t push yourself if it’s gonna make your health worse.

    Btw I forgot to mention before that your new origin for Zombies was pretty darn cool. I figure it’s the entirety of mankind he wanted revenge against. Maybe they caused him a lot of suffering and did something horrible to him. LOL for some reason I’m automatically thinking of Vorador here saying that! (A Vampire from the Legacy of Kain video game series)

  30. ashuri Says:

    haha maybe the first zombie is related to the mean mustash man

  31. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Been feeling a lot better in the past five or six hours. Hopefully it’s starting to go away.

    Ha, not related to the mustache man!

  32. garfalk Says:

    what if the zombie vamp gets blood? does he start to turn back?

    hurray for getting better!

    …i could name everyone in the comic (or something similar) but that could enable you to just answer ‘yes’ and leave me in the dust….
    so instead, i wait.

  33. Mewt Says:

    Zombie v1.0 is secretly April’s great great grandfather. 😀

    It -has- to be one of the humans, since Bobby said somewhere that the vampires had never met him personally somewhere… I think…

  34. Pyromancer Says:

    How come the First Zombie doesn’t have fangs?

    Also, Bobby only said Math didn’t know the First Zombie, not whether or not other vamps do/did.

  35. Bobby Crosby Says:

    We haven’t seen much of the First Zombie yet, and it’s my thinking that the vampires’ fangs should only appear when they’re in battle or need them for something, although we haven’t followed that completely so far in the book.

    garfalk: The First Zombie can’t turn back into a vampire, no.

  36. Mewt Says:

    By vampires, I meant Math and Val. Granted, maybe he’s associated with Val, but… Ehh…

    Was TFZ trying to wipe out humanity, or just get the strength to have revenge against… someone? Via starvation?

    I mean, he did it on purpose, that much is clear…

    Okay, let’s see. First Zombie. Clearly hails from WW2 time. Originally a vampire. Takes roughly 65 years to become a zombie, so it was an intentional action of his to become a zombie. He didn’t become a zombie until the MOMENT he burst out.

    Zombie has some association with the humans in the town, or with Val, but specifically not with Math. Zombie is assumed to’ve become a zombie to bring about revenge against someone specific.

    Or maybe Bobby is being a smartass, and by saying the Zombie is related to someone we’ve met could mean he was Hitler, or something ridiculious like that.

    Wait, no, that’d relate him to Math… Blah, oh well.

  37. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Big spoiler (but only one part of it): The First Zombie wanted revenge against vampires in general and wanted to give them the worst pain possible, the same torture that he had to endure first. But he had several reasons for doing what he did, and revenge against the vampires was maybe only 20% of the reason.

    Mewt: You’re assuming too much by thinking the First Zombie was “originally” a vampire!

  38. Nara Says:

    Him being related to someone in teh town sort of makes sense, i mean, he homed in on the town, even though it was a long long way from where he started, he managed to find what few other zombies have found. makes me think that not only does heh ave some relation to a person in the town, but he also knew where the town was (i.e. his relation hadn’t moved in the 65 years he was zombifying) Im also wondering if he has a different biological make-up from othrt zombies, and if so, what those differences could be, like perhaps, memory, intelligence (or at least purpose and intent?) and do the regular zombies continue decomposing (that would eventually fix the threat nicely, the humans just have to survive long enough). This is me just musing, So Bobby you dont have to answer if it lets out too many spoilers or whatever 🙂 you gotta put some zombie kids in there tho! them is creepy critters!!! 😀 you’re sounding more peppy so Im glad your recovery is going well 🙂

  39. Bobby Crosby Says:

    The First Zombie is very different from the others, in all the ways you guessed, yeah. And no, the humans can’t just wait for the other zombies to decompose — I don’t know how long it takes, if ever, but it would be too long and doesn’t come into play in this story. Also, it’s fine for everyone to guess anything openly here. I don’t think I’ll delete anything again.

    And yeah, thanks, I’m feeling a bit better, but I think that’s mostly because I’ve confined myself totally to bed (laying down as I type this) for the past couple days. Hopefully I’ll be 100 percent in 2-3 days.

    And don’t worry, there’s gonna be at least one zombie kid!

  40. Pasta_and_Tacos Says:

    If you read max brooks’s zombie survival guide, you’ll find a regular zombie lasts only 3-5 years.

  41. Bobby Crosby Says:

    They last forever in this story.

  42. Tegu Says:


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