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Page 40: Up on the Roof

Monday, April 9th, 2007

I’ve missed Murdo and Grady.  And I’ll miss them again for a while after this page.  Or Grady at least.

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  1. Colt Says:

    Looks like Val isn’t the only thing with a certain topic on her mind right now LOL

  2. Mewt Says:

    Mustache Man must be renamed Todd Goldman. Now.

    And then he must die a horrible, terrible death.

    For anyone who has no clue who Todd Goldman is or why he should die, Google his name. There should be an equal number of hate sites mixed in with his stolen BS by now. *Noddle*

    Also, I love Murdo and Grady now. I mean, they were cool before, but now they’re effin’ hilarious.

  3. Nara Says:

    dum dum DUM! someone gonna die! ok Bobby, that was just MEAN, what are you trying to do to my poor brain making ominous comments like that eh? on a monday morning too!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

  4. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I thought someone might take my comment that way, but actually it wasn’t a spoiler or hint or anything! It was simply saying that Murdo and Grady won’t be appearing much in the near future of the comic, but that we’ll see more of Murdo than Grady. SPOILER: They will both live for at least the next 40 pages!

  5. Chris Says:

    It’s cruel to bring up Murdo’s hope like that, Math. Now I have to wonder if he’ll try to hit on Val anyways and get the blood sucked out of him. For Val, two last hurrah’s for the price of one!

  6. Daeris Says:

    Val is so fricken hot…even when she’s DOESN’T make an appearance in the comic. Val is my Gal!

  7. MaxwellEdison Says:

    Murdo is acting more and more like Jason Mewes every day.


    I agree with ya though Bobby, him and Ratzenberger would be perfect for those two. Has he answered any of your pleading emails yet?

  8. Vo Says:

    does getting turned into a vamp count as alive?

  9. Chapin Says:

    Ehh Vo, I’d imagine that Val is smart enough not to turn anyone for the time being. I mean they’re already having a human shortage issue. At least Math and Val have a 30/2 ratio of human/vampire. Val isn’t stupid enough to turn that into 29/3. (Especially when a good deal of them are kids and can’t donate as much.)

  10. Ledd Says:

    murdos gonna bang a vampire

  11. Paul Cowan Says:

    Typical. All the humans in the world are dead, he has the opportunity to “be with” (that’s the worst euphemism ever, used only by your Granny) a smokin’ hot vampire chick and he still has a decent chance of his Mum catching him.

  12. Brellchild Says:

    Aww darn. I take a week away from the comic and I miss all kinds of fun stuff. Among other things, the vampires are NOT all nice.

    Personally, I agree with the shooter at the moment. Alpha women with long red hair… mmmm…

    As a choice of deaths that aint too bad. And like he said, it beats getting your brain eaten.

  13. Lydia Says:

    Oh God, that’s too cute. I love these moments, seemingly pointless.. but provide so much insight about characters.

    So, my friend contacted me to inform me she’s pretty much done with the script of our work in progress. Oh, I shudder to think. Adapting a piece of writing is a pain in the ass.

  14. Lydia Says:

    … btw, I would die a happy woman if I could be with Math just one time.

  15. Paul Cowan Says:

    Well he’s a vampire, so it’s good you don’t mind the dying part I guess…

  16. Mewt Says:

    You say Val’s not ‘Dumb’ enough to turn him into a vampire, but you have to realize she’s at the point of not caring. Val’s a complete wildcard and who knows what she’s going to do.

    But, it’s a moot point, since obviously both Murdo and Grady live for quite awhile yet.

  17. Daeris Says:

    I’m seeing a lot of assumptions that the humans will “turn” into vampires…we have nothing to base that off of yet. Remember, Math said there are alot of myths, so we don’t know how converting humans really works yet.

    Plus, Val clearly said she wants to DEVOUR the humans. Devour, and converting them into vampires are two different things…the first being very painful and brutal, and the second perhaps being very intiguing. That being said…I’ve got something Val can devour…if you know what I mean.


  18. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Mewt is correct.

    And if you read through all my comments on the previous pages, I think at one point I made it very clear that at least one human will turn into a vampire.

  19. Plite Says:

    Here’s my big call: Addison Payne isn’t working on a zombie cure, he’s working on a substitute for human blood that vampires can survive on. At this point it would be the only thing worth his time, as killing the Zombies would be tricky (already dead) hard to get ’em all (they’re everywhere) and pointless (still bugger all humans).

  20. Redrover Says:

    I’m thinking Addison Payne’s zombie cure is more of of a chemical weapon designed to either kill them off or turn them back rapidly. Possibly a disease, in that it would spread on its own.

  21. Colt Says:

    there are ways around the low human count for the survivial of the species as long as most of this lot survive it’ll be tricky but not completely impossible.

    as for the zombies, are they dead dead or undead and therefore killable? if they’re dead dead they can still be deanimated as we’ve seen. I forget whether these guys rot, if they do and you can get them to rot faster that could eventualy have an effect. of course to do any good you’d need to work rather fast.

  22. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’ll say that I’ve never once thought about zombies rotting in terms of that being a part of the story — doesn’t interest me.

  23. Colt Says:

    found the reference I was thinking of back on page 31
    Bobby Crosby Says:

    March 8th, 2007 at 6:59 pm
    …No, the humans can’t just wait for the other zombies to decompose — I don’t know how long it takes, if ever, but it would be too long and doesn’t come into play in this story.

    only reason I thought about it is I recently looked up radiation sickness and effects, one of which is more rapid degredation of tissue (from the radiation) therefore with those nukes from the all out nuclear war bit the zombies would degrade faster undead or dead.

    Of course it still wouldn’t be fast enough for the humans still alive, and wouldn’t bother the zombie until they decomposed far enough to impair performance and as you said it won’t be coming into play in the story. I was just trying to think of a way to get the zombies, of course this way gets pretty much everybody really so isn’t a good idea.

  24. Vo Says:

    That still doesn’t answer my question of turned into vamp count as still alive. Plus, what does it take to be turned? Bitten and drained, risen 3 days later? Blood swapping? STD? A dark ritual summoning the Easter Mole for sacrifice of the soul? Or maybe just an ancient from of the Hokey Pokey?

    You put your left fang in…..
    You put your left fang out…..
    you put your left fang in and you shake it all about…..
    You do the hokey pokey and you rise up from the grave…..
    That’s what it’s all about!

  25. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Yeah, I don’t spoil absolutely everything, and I’ve answered all the other questions in previous comments. Answer is don’t know yet exactly to how humans turn into vamps.

  26. Colt Says:

    as long as the vamps know, thats what matters LOL

  27. Vo Says:

    doesn’t anyone like my song?

  28. Tim Peters Says:

    vo i like your song its funny the comment is even funnier get a std from getting blood sucked or banging val and if she is the undead wouldnt her stds and such be dead -shrugs- murdo you lucky bastard

  29. Tegu Says:


  30. Niach Says:

    I think it is very curious (and I totally commend you guys for it) that so many of us like Grady and Murdo so much, even though we’ve barely seen that much of them. Or know that much about them. I definitely recommend exploring these characters more because they are already so likable and interesting.

    (And I kind of find Murdo (the young guy, right?) hella more attractive than Math. Math has been showing his softy side for a while now (okay, just a few pages overall, but because of the drawn-out…ness of the webcomic medium…yeah), and his vamp eyes, while cool, look too puppy-doggish when he goes sappy. He does, however, look very awesome in the second to last panel of the previous strip. When Owen shades Math’s face right, woah!–watch out! : ) )

    I may be queen of the overly extended and unnecessarily complicated parenthetical passages. All hail.

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