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Page 56: Anti-Climax

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Thus ends the second issue of Last Blood!

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  1. Lydia Says:

    ROFL CAKES, I tell you. Rofl cakes.

    Jimmy has to be the happiest zombie in the history of zombies… EVER! His mum must taste pretty freaking good or something. Or maybe he’s just overjoyed to see April.

    My face has not been able to relax from the sheer amusement Jimmy first brought me… about 10 minutes ago. Yes, I have been grinning for 10 minutes straight. I am in pain, thank you.

    April’s eyes are a little weird. But goddamn it, the final panel just made my WEEK.

  2. bob Says:

    this page is so fucking awesome it blows up right in your face it reminds me of watching the omen. this is so so fucking hilaroulios.

  3. Chris Says:

    Thats pretty scary right there, even though we all knew he was going to die, it still was touching. I do like the shattered mirror affect in the last panel too.

    He changed to a zombie really quickly though, its been what a couple of minutes? So will MM also turn very soon or do you have to die more than just a bite?

  4. Bobby Crosby Says:

    This question is answered on every single page of the comments, I think. You don’t become a zombie until you die. If the bites/wounds from the zombie kill you, then you’re instantly a zombie. If you just get a little bite and those wounds wouldn’t normally be fatal (if a non-zombie did it), then it takes 24 hours.

  5. bobby brown Says:

    dude i love this fucking strip so much that i am ready to use this comic as a excuse to be be a fucking psychopath jk we should show this to bin laden his rolemodel is dr. doom

  6. AD Says:

    Last panel is really sick, I like this version better than the colored…it’s extra creepy.

  7. Yanson Says:

    colored version?

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:


  9. Paul Says:

    Damn!!!!! I liked jimmy….

  10. Ken O Says:

    Sweet page.. even though you knew it was coming, it’s still a sweet way to end issue two. I don’t know why April is so surprised though… Anybody who’s ever watched a zombie movie KNOWS that the most innocent of characters gets turned. It’s like one of the golden rules of horror – even a fictional character like April should have seen this one coming!

  11. Hyshinara Says:

    aha, so THAT’s were that one zombie-jimmy pic comes from :p

  12. Orion Says:

    I wonder how April’s gonna react when she sees Math use that sword… to either butcher the head or straight out cut it off… hmm >>

  13. Nick Says:

    Aw… You can’t see the chunk out of Jimmy’s neck…
    Also, I’m disappointed to see him die. He was my favourite character ^^

  14. Jampski Says:

    Nice…if hes eat a brain its a bit rubbery

  15. Edward Says:

    Bravo. Must be pretty horrifying being eaten alive. Must be even more so if its your own son.

  16. Kate Says:

    .. onoez.

    I liked Jimmy. D:

  17. Will Says:

    The last bunch of pages have really been on quite a roll, great job. This might just be my favorite page of the whole comic so far. Keep it up!

  18. nebelkrähe Says:

    ahm – he eats his mother… so she must have died “naturally”? I mean otherwise she’d be a zombie too. Naah, this instant-zombie thing seems a bit odd – what works so fast? Nanites, magick….

  19. Rena Says:

    Poor April– guess she never saw that coming…

    Great job on the last panel– Jimmy looks like he needed that snack…too bad it came at Mom’s expense.

    Can’t wait to delve into #3!

  20. Crimson Says:

    I can’t help but wonder how the other zombies come to be if a ‘true’ zombie is a starved vampire.

  21. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “ahm – he eats his mother… so she must have died ‘naturally’? I mean otherwise she’d be a zombie too.”

    Um, no, she didn’t die naturally. Jimmy was bitten in the neck and died, becoming a zombie, then he killed his mom (with bites) and was eating her flesh.

    “I can’t help but wonder how the other zombies come to be if a ‘true’ zombie is a starved vampire.”

    Um, the other zombies spread from bites. The First Zombie came out of the ocean at the beginning of the comic and bit that girl on the beach, remember? It spread from there. This has been discussed at length in the comments before.

  22. Keroppi Says:

    If the zombs r such hungry flesh-eating machines, then wouldn’t a crowd of them demolish then victims down to the bones like a school of piranas? If thats the case, then how would any new zombies be made? Thats one thing I never got about zombie stories, so I’m kinda curious to see whats your take on this dilemma

  23. Tori Says:

    Jimmy scares me now…

    That last panel is definitely better (and creepier) than the cover – at least in my mind.

    Man, you know how to make a person want to keep reading, don’t you?

  24. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Keroppi: The answer is that once the person dies, they’re now a zombie, as long as their head wasn’t removed or their brain wasn’t destroyed yet (and it’s pretty tough to get to someone’s brain using only your teeth), and zombies don’t eat other zombies, so they have to stop eating basically once they’ve killed the person in this story. The zombies have slowly learned from this and finally figured out that you’ve gotta hold your victims down and then eat parts of their body that won’t kill them quickly first, trying to drag the feeding process out as long as possible before the meat’s no good anymore when they die. They basically torture their victims as long as possible. Or at least they do when they’re not under direct orders from the First Zombie to do otherwise. You’ll see Jimmy’s mom on Page 57 and learn more about this.

  25. Yanson Says:

    see jimmys mom? holy crap yuck >.

  26. Yanson Says:

    All of the questions about the genesis of zombies and vampires are POINTLESS!!! Its the same story with the genesis of humans. Well, yeah we come from the ape. or the God. or the comsmic energy of the Annunaki. Or whatever. Who cares? The zombies just are, and they are hungry. And bring me popcorn cause the story is having some bloodshed again. mmm.

  27. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Well the questions about the origin of the zombies certainly isn’t pointless. That’s a HUGE part of this story, one of the big new original elements. The origin of vampires and humans doesn’t come into play in this story, though.

  28. Necavi Omnes Says:

    When I first saw that panel, there was a, ah, series, of reactions. All occuring at the same time. I believe they were shock, a maniacle grin, love of the pure amazing-ness of this comic, and a gut-wrenching horror, coming from what it must be like to have been betrayed like that, and such of the ilk.

    I love this comic.
    So, where do I send in my portfolio? I’d love to be April or Val.


  29. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “So, where do I send in my portfolio?”


  30. MB Says:

    Holly crap o.o
    That was horrible. Nice ! ;)
    Seriously, amazing page. Great scene and great art.

  31. Plite Says:

    Not question, just random musing. After all the people are eaten, will the starving zombies eventually degrade into tortured, paralyzed starvation like a vampire? And after 65 years of agony will they reach a new, more horrible state?

    Like a Mormon?

  32. Bobby Crosby Says:


  33. OLLLie Says:

    that picture on the bottom wont allow me to sleep for a few months

  34. Rune Says:

    Another comic as well? What your coffee intake?

  35. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Don’t drink coffee.

  36. Test Bear Says:

    WOW. Just wow. I’ve noticed Owen’s art has gotten quite good over the life of the comic. At the beginning it was kinda meh-ish, but everything lately is amazing.

    The writing is, for now, easy. Action scenes normally involve grunts, screaming names, and just plain screaming. Once we get some interesting dialogue, I’m sure your craft, Bobby, will be highly appreciated.

  37. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Definitely, Owen’s been doing an amazing job lately.

    I disagree that action scenes are easy, though. I also layout almost all of the pages, including the last seven. For example –



    Dialogue is a very small aspect of writing, or at least of my writing.

  38. Klu Says:

    Jimmy! Nuuuuuuuu!

  39. Brellchild Says:

    Okay, I thought I had some disturbing images after I thought about the world in which the charachters find themselves. That image a little while back about the zombies learning they have to hold the victim down and eat non-vital areas first hands down beats anything I have managed to come up with.


    That is… extremely disturbing to say the least.

    I suppose it would be smarter to just kill them without biting (strangle, break neck, etc) but I guess zombies really aren’t that smart. Usually that is.

  40. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I suppose it would be smarter to just kill them without biting (strangle, break neck, etc) but I guess zombies really aren’t that smart. Usually that is.”

    Zombies prefer living flesh. Once the food is dead, it doesn’t taste as good anymore. They want strong flow going on so they can see it squirting out and such when they take big bites.

  41. Mewt Says:


    Kinda reminds me of watching ManVSWild, where the guy was getting out of a mountain in Alaska, pulled a salmon out of the water, and like, ate it alive and raw.

  42. Selina Says:

    AWWWW. He’s so CUTE! ^___^

  43. Jade Says:

    In answer to your comment on the last page, Bobby…

    “Is it a comic or just a story or what?

    I don’t have much of a theory on decomposition, because it doesn’t affect “Last Blood,” or at least it wouldn’t for many years. I try not to think about things that I don’t have to think about.”

    Heh, well I’m not sure “just” a story is appropriate; but it’s a story, yes. I tried putting my ideas into comic form but it didn’t work for me. Anyway, the whole zombie-thing is just a sort of sub-plot thing; but I tend to think such things through because I like having it my mind- mostly for no other reason than that.

    Anyway, onto the comic! I have to agree; the black and white version is creepy. Really, really creepy. I also love the way the cracks create tiny distortions of the reflections; a small detail that’s only noticable if you really look, but it adds so much.

    Additionally, I’d have to agree with Bobby about scripting action scenes; he has to see in his mind the way each character will move and interact with the environment, in order to fully describe where they should be, and move to, etc… Scripting is a lot more than just describing a plot and giving a few words. Well, that’s how I see it anyway. >.>;;

    Oh, and if living flesh is best, I suppose your brain is safe from me, Bobby. I’ll just have to watch your genius from afar as opposed to trying to claim it as my own…

    Rambling ends here.

  44. Yanson Says:

    Does Owen do the colored covers as well?

  45. Bobby Crosby Says:

    He does.

  46. Hootey Says:

    I get goosebumps every time I look at Jimmy’s face. Incredible job by Owen. Can’t wait for more.

  47. Nova Says:


    Meh, now, if you had a bit more bullets in that gun of his, then he acually done something with his life, like go to law school, or the school of culinary arts.

    Nope, he would die of bordom or food poisoning anyways… So…. Pfft, he had to go.

  48. Necavi Omnes Says:

    Thanks! I sent an email, you should get it shortly. Oh! I have another question;;

    So, if there was only one (1) zombie to begin with, how did it spread to the other continents? I mean, wouldn’t the other countries, such as Canada, place a quarantine on the United States? And stuff? That way the zombie-fection wouldn’t break loose to the world?

    Or something like that.
    … Think 28 Weeks Later.

    Also, how do the newly-made-zombies decompose so quickly?

    … And is this in Oklahoma, too?


  49. Necavi Omnes Says:

    Wow, I’m terribly sorry for the stupidly obvious questions.
    I just went back to the last page and read the comments. *giggles* Sorry about the last two (2) questions, no need to answer them.
    But I haven’t read all of the comments on every page, so if you already answered my first question, please direct me to the page.


  50. mark Says:

    Jimmy’s a bad boy…. :)

  51. Braindonor Says:

    You can see Math in the mirror. I guess vamps are more tangible here than they are in other stories.

  52. Amy Says:

    I love the look on Jimmy’s face and I can’t wait for the next page. April’s reaction to Math killing Jimmy is probably gonna be priceless.

  53. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “But I haven’t read all of the comments on every page, so if you already answered my first question, please direct me to the page.”

    The answer to your first set of questions is on almost every page, especially the first 40 or so. It’s long and complicated. Short answer is that the First Zombie was able to get tons of zombies on international flights during the first hour of the outbreak after he showed up on the beach and bit the girl. Also, I didn’t receive an e-mail from you.

    “You can see Math in the mirror. I guess vamps are more tangible here than they are in other stories.”

    Yeah, that was established on this page –


  54. Vo Says:

    Hey Owen. Is there any possible way to get that Last panel made into a wall paper for my desktop. I’d do it myself, but I don’t wanna degrade the quality.

  55. Yanson Says:

    Yeah, Bobby, there should be some “wallpapers” or “extras” page!

  56. Yanson Says:

    on extras page*

  57. Gwenny Says:

    “The zombies have slowly learned from this…”

    Wait, hold the phone, your zombies can learn and adapt?! So that would mean they’re not completely mindless? *shivers* Or, was TFZ just instructing them on this too? On that point, how does TFZ manage to control the billions of zombies everywhere, at the same time? (If you’ve already answered this, I apologize, I don’t always read the comments.)

    Awww! And Jimmy is so cute, he makes me want a pet zombie that I can play Playstation with, just like in Shaun of the Dead. :D *hugs zombie!Jimmy*

  58. Necavi Omnes Says:

    Aaah, okay. Thank you. I re-sent it. If you still don’t get it, well… Do you have a different address?


  59. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Wait, hold the phone, your zombies can learn and adapt?! So that would mean they’re not completely mindless?”

    Just with easy, minor things.

    “Or, was TFZ just instructing them on this too?”

    No, he just wants everyone dead, doesn’t care how much enjoyment the zombies get out of it.

    “On that point, how does TFZ manage to control the billions of zombies everywhere, at the same time?”

    He doesn’t. He can control large groups when he’s close to them, but not with complicated things if it’s a lot of zombies, only one general thought like “Kill” or “Don’t kill.” He could maybe control a small group to do more complicated things, and if he’s concentrating on just one zombie he could get it to do anything that he could do himself basically.

    “I re-sent it.”

    Didn’t get it, and it’s not in the spam folder either. It’s bobbyc512@gmail.com — not sure why yours aren’t going through. All my other mail seems to be working.

  60. Katticus Says:

    I think Zombie Jimmy needs a nap. He’s cranky and he’s got shadows under his glowing eyes. ;)

  61. Amy Says:

    I know you have them coming out in issues but there aren’t many comic book stores in my town, is there anyway I can get the comics via the internet or Barnes&Noble?

  62. Bobby Crosby Says:

    We’ll be putting up an official order page soon (maybe not until after the second issue is done printing in a few weeks), but for now you can buy the first issue (signed by me even, oh boy!) through PayPal if you want. You, and anyone else seeing this post before the order page goes up, can have it for just $2, plus shipping and handling, which is $4.60 to America, $7.50 to Canada, and $9.50 to Europe. That’s for USPS Priority Mail. You can send the appropriate amount on PayPal to: bobbyc512@gmail.com

  63. Nara Says:

    WOOT!!! that was a FUN catch-up!!!!!! maybe I should travel more often. so not only did Jimmy bite it, but he got his mom as well. ROUGH. i am sad. Poor Murdo, loosing his family in one night. now i gotta go read all the posts to see if i missed any tidbits :)

  64. Fabiano Says:

    Woa! Bobby, does the bitting proccess include “fast deteorization”?
    Jimmy must have been bitten in minutes, and his mouth is already decomposed! Not talking about his skin, it looks like he died some days ago. Is it only for drama purposes or they really start to root immediately? I believe the scene would be more stunning if Jimmy still had traces of his former self! Heheh!
    And, awesome work, I check this page everyday. I’m from Brazil and I enjoy your webcomics a lot! I hope someday I can buy an issue in my country, heheh!

  65. Nara Says:

    zombie glowing eyes is just a special effect in the comic huh? in the movie theyd have faded out eyes or will they glow too? i think the dead-fish faded out eyes (where you can still see the iris and pupil but through a film of white) is creepier. i am so looking forward to seeing the make-up for the movie (if we get to see how its done that is) theres new zombie movie coming out where this family have a ‘pet’ zombie, i suppose inspired by the end of Shawn of the Dead. doesnt look as good though.

    at least Murdos mom died naturally.. shes probably the last person to have a ‘pleasant’ death since the breakout…!!!!
    I like Rex, can we keep him? :) anyhow, finished reading the new comments, amd all geared up for more now!

  66. Necavi Omnes Says:

    I went over the comic agayne, and all I could wonder was, “does Jimmy make a, ‘nyam nyam nyam’ noise when he eats?”


  67. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Is it only for drama purposes or they really start to root immediately?”

    I’m not sure what’s best for it at this point, so I’ve just let Owen do what he wants in terms of how the zombies look and I think he’s done a great job with that. It could very well change for the possible film, but I think it works well for the comic, and I think it’s good that we can see visually pretty easily who is a zombie and who’s not a zombie.

  68. Amy Says:

    Wow. All we have to do is give you the amount with paypal and send the mailing address and we get the first issue? That’s not a bad deal.

  69. dee Says:

    Kid’s got a shitload of teeth. LMAO. His rictus grin is just so funny.

  70. knight who says NI! Says:

    omg i cant wait until the movie comes out this is the best strip EVER so much suffering mwahahahaha (i know im evil :3)

  71. Tegu Says:


  72. Alexander Says:

    Haha that face was just awesome :-)
    I wish i were talented at doing this stuff as well but i can’t.
    Great work so far! Keep up the goodies!

  73. ModdyPride Says:

    …. I’m gunna cry now….

  74. Irrevenant Says:

    Y’know, that would’ve been really shocking were it not on the front cover. ;)

  75. I like Zombies Says:

    Jimmy dies?
    I wanna eat the zombies!

  76. Atan Says:

    that is why you should never play the hero, unless you have 100% chance you wont get into trouble!!

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