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Page 57: Already Dead

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Jimmy’s mom makes me sad.

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  1. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Bobby, I’m gonna have to delete your comments because all you’re doing is quoting other people without even using quotation marks and I can’t tell which words are yours or not. Just speak for yourself or properly quote and respond to people.

  2. Morgaur Says:

    It made me feel almost sick, and upset, and I absolutely loved it!

    I thought the dialoge and the artwork were both amazingly done, and it’s definitely the most emotionally evocative page done so far. Thanks guys, you do a great comic and I really enjoy reading it.

  3. Keroppi Says:

    Man, I can’t believe Jimmy didn’t save the last bullet for himself…. he seemed like such a bright kid….

  4. Marta Says:

    “Man, I can’t believe Jimmy didn’t save the last bullet for himself…. he seemed like such a bright kid….”

    Maybe he died instantly and for whatever reason didn’t see it coming?

  5. Jade Says:

    Okay, I’d like to give my two-cents despite Bobby already clearing things up.

    The two-kill thing… Whilst it’s not immediately apparent, I think the fact that he first killed Bobby’s mother is clear enough. He is pointing the gun at her to begin with; andum… Huge blood ‘sploshun? Bottom right corner. That’s not going to be from Bobby, even assuming the zombie’s blood would… Spurt… like that.

    “Get the fuck out”? Yeah, that’s very much worthwhile. It’s intended to shake April up enough to . Hell, it even made me stop for a second. It works; it really does. He’s got to do something which would have a HUGE impact on April if she witnessed it- and probably will do anyway- and I’m fairly sure he cares for her enough not to want that, even if she wasn’t as important as she is to holding everyone together. Someone said it reads like it’s forced; but I think it is. He wants his words to force her to leave.
    I must agree though, it’s not obvious that she’s left. Perhaps clarification of that will be shown in the next strip; perhaps him turning and her not here, or whatever he does, he does it alone.

    I wonder what happened to Murdo? Please be okay Murdo. I like you.

  6. Jade Says:

    Okay, I just wrote an entire post calling Jimmy, Bobby. >.>;; I apologise to both Bobby and Jimmy… It’s 7AM fer me, so I sorry. I dunno why I did that. xD;; At least I didn’t start like… Calling Murdo Owen or anything like that. >.>;

    I need more tea before I try to be coherant next time.

  7. Bobby Crosby Says:

    No problem, and we’ll see April to lead off Page 58.

  8. Nate Says:

    Wow. This has been building up and coming to a boil so nicely, and then this…
    So good man. I’m very impressed with the variety of strips you write. Good freaking work.

  9. ShinoTenshi Says:

    Just wanted to toss my few cents in, I agree with the conclusion that Math’s words were not emotional or panicked, they were very carefully said. You can look at it from a military standpoint, also.

    A Marine sargeant may curse every time he gives his men an order, such as “Get your _____ rifles, Marines!” However, when there is an immediate need to have them, it would simply be “Get your rifles!” The difference in normal speaking is the important factor. With Math it’s the opposite, but that change in how he speaks would make April pause, and take notice.

    Or it could be 5 AM and I could be babbling on about nothing. I absolutely love the way the pace moved from “cuddle” to full-on zombie attack panic, to the kind of deer-in-headlights, gunshot-stops-the-movie effect this page has.

    In my mind it’s one of those scenes where the zombies are everywhere and groaning and there’s guns going off…but then as Math pulls the trigger, everything is silent but the gunshot ringing out, and the casings take an eternity to fall. And then instantly snap back into Math’s soon-to-come killing frenzy.

    Kudos to pulling off movie effects in comic form. I’ve noticed that Last Blood is exceptionally good at that, in fact.

  10. Ryah Says:

    Math in the first panel for the win!

    His hairstyle looks a bit wonky to me though in the second panel- like longer and better groomed than the situation would have it.

    I LOVE the last panel! It’s perfect for the big silver screen, with all its drama and artisticness.

  11. knight who says NI! Says:

    well its jimmy so he deserves 2 shots or 1 from a shotgun maybe…

  12. Christine Says:

    Love the last panel…and the second one….

  13. Tegu Says:


  14. ModdyPride Says:

    That was… very sad. But good.

  15. Trilbydude Says:


  16. Lew Says:

    Perfect page – one of your best till now!!

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