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Page 78: Crash

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

CLICK HERE to see my mouse-drawn MS Paint sketch of today’s page!

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  1. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Does this mean Addison is dead?”

    None of the vampires die in the plane crash.

    “The zombies should not be dress right dress like a military formation”

    First, it’s hard to tell from this art what formation the zombies are in. Second, if you looked at my sketch you’d see that I wanted them spread out haphazardly in the first panel of Page 77, but Owen decided to make it one massive group with no room to see any ground or anything.

    “Instead of the ‘cool’ of having the plane come in from the front directly over the truck”

    I’m seeing zero reason to remove the cool thing and do something less cool. Why remove the drama of the plane almost hitting the school? I want it to be super quick and one big explosive impact. My guess is that you think your way would more believably take out more zombies, but that’s not a concern here — it’s impossible for them to take out all the zombies — they’re simply buying them a little time and delivering themselves to the school, as I’ve said before.

  2. Courtney Says:

    I’ve been away for a while, and I come back to find the airplane crash scene. Awesome. I love the fact that, unlike that one cover, you can actually see the angle the plane comes in on. I don’t know why, but that just strikes me as really cool (totally unrelated to the fact that you can see how close it comes to hitting the school and the truck – that’s cool on an entirely different level)
    Two questions. One, what the heck would Payne have done if he’d been a few feet lower and smacked the roof of the school? I can only imagine it’s hard to judge the distance between the cockpit and the very bottom of the plane:
    0.0 “shit…uh…oops?”
    Two, this clearly isn’t the same as the cover. As you’ve already stated, there are things about the cover that weren’t ‘true’ in as far as the comic is concerned. I was just wondering if you did that on purpose, or if you changed your mind after the original image was made? Purely out of curiousity – the cover is obviously just for effect, the comic for the actual story, and they don’t necessarily have to ‘match.’

  3. Lance Says:

    Hey Bobby, this is really good stuff, congrats to Owen as well. I would like to thank you for your Ass Kicking work and would like to ask something.

    Above me somewhere is a comment about a Vampire Murdo, so if it’s not too much of a spoiler, could you tell me if anyone will be turned into vampires, and if so, who?

    Once again, brilliant work.

  4. Sim^moN Says:

    I would definitely like to see the plane hit-n-drop a couple of bricks from the edge of the school’s roof.

  5. Kamatu Says:

    “I’m seeing zero reason to remove the cool thing and do something less cool.”

    Not less cool, different angle, little less need for suspension of disbelief. Ahhh, I could show you in a couple of minutes. Let me try: shallower dive (or flaring out from steep to shallow dive, better I think), come swooping over the school one wing higher than the other (to miss roof), level out, raise (other?) wing again to miss truck, level out again, plow into the zombies (at suitable angle to whack most of them in skidding plane and burning fuel).

    Lots of flashy action. Yeah, I’m thinking more movie than comic here, same as my comment about the zombies in formation.

    Anyway, is just my $.02, I hadn’t given you any yet, and I’ll still enjoy reading it either way.

  6. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “little less need for suspension of disbelief.”

    I think it would require MORE suspension of disbelief to have them somehow pull up that much in the span of a tenth of a second, going from a steep to shallow dive after just missing the roof but before getting more than 75 feet or so past the roof. Only way to have the cool thing of it just missing the roof is if it’s a very steep dive, but the zombies also need to be super close to the school, to have them saving them from all these zombies just in the nick of time. So the steep to shallow thing does not work if they go right over the school — no time for that — they miss the school and a tenth of a second later they’re exploding. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t want to drag it out — I want it to be a super fast awesome thing where people go, “Whoa, what the fuck was that?! Did that plane just — wow, yeah!” I don’t want the unoriginal long shot of the plane sliding in as it’s crashing — we’ve all seen that a million times in movies, and it would probably be too similar to the helicopter in “28 Weeks Later” sweeping out all those zombies. I want one big quick impact.

  7. JediAnn Solo Says:

    That crash and Mac evading the falling plane would look SO FRIGGIN AWESOME ON THE BIG SCREEN.

  8. Grym Says:

    I must say, that that was the most badass awsome comic ever.

  9. flash Says:

    If this is going to be a low budget independent affair when translated to cinema, as i assume it will be, then this scene is going to be very fucking difficult and expensive. Badass though. Good luck with that.

  10. calvinbah Says:

    Rage is so fuckin metal he’s so freakin metal i can’t stand it.

  11. Altair Says:

    I’m hyperventilating right now. I just want you to know that.

    Oh. My. God. Zombies. and a plane crash.

    (goes to get brown paper bag.)

    I’ll be better in a few seconds. Maybe.

  12. Tegu Says:


  13. ZeM Says:

    I agree with Kamatu, this is a little too simple to my taste. The plane passes over the truck and hits the zombies RIGHT THERE? It doesn’t have to be like that to be cool. This is an entertaining comic, but sometimes I feel I’m reading the comic version of a 14 year old kid playing.

    I would also change the point of view in the last image. It’s too obvious.

  14. John E. Says:

    Just a thought, maybe putting this scene on the cover of the book will lighten its impact (pun not intended) when you actually witness the spectacle of vampires kamikaze-ing a passenger jet into a seething mass of zombies.

  15. ModdyPride Says:

    … Whew…

  16. Trilbydude Says:


    Dr. Payne and Mr. Rage!!!

    Awesome! they looklike Morpheus and the wolf-man!

  17. Fate Says:

    Those guys just destroyed ALL of the zombies in the whole world. That was all of them. There are none left. The world has been saved.

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