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Page 83: Fuck That

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

A few weeks ago Owen had a good idea involving Mustache Man that would allow him to go out as a bit of a hero, which I planned to use, but here’s how I started my e-mail to Owen which included the script for Page 83 —

“Decided to just get rid of Mustache Man quickly like this. I think it’s cooler this way and it saves a bit of time, time that we badly need. I hate it in movies when the characters are always so fucking retarded and allow dangerous things to happen and bad guys or potential bad guys to live and it always bites ’em in the ass and somebody dies because of it, so I like what Murdo does here, where he says ‘Screw that stupid shit’ and does the job.”

The graphic novel must end by Page 112, because it must end with the fourth issue, which will be 32 pages at most, ending with Page 112. We have a LOT to cover in the next 29 pages, so that was one reason for getting rid of Principal Howard (Mustache Man) quickly like this.

CLICK HERE to see my mouse drawn MS Paint sketch of today’s page!

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72 Responses to “Page 83: Fuck That”

  1. KayRis Says:

    wasn’t *totally* sure.

  2. Orthag Says:

    i have a few things to say…..

    1. Why does it have to end in the 4th issue?

    2. Adison Payne most definitly looks like Agent 47.

    3. If a movie is ever made of this comic Vin Diesel needs to play Adison Payne.

  3. Bobby Crosby Says:

    KayRis: He was just lying, yeah. In the movie it will be obvious that he’s super sick.

    “he’s a vampire for what 30 min”

    Closer to 30 seconds actually. Panel 5 is less than two minutes after Panel 4, and Panel 3 is like three seconds after the end of Page 82.

    “Why does it have to end in the 4th issue?”

    A million reasons, and keep in mind that it’s only the first graphic novel/first film’s story that ends with the fourth issue. The fourth issue was solicited as the end of this first story and it was the plan from the very start for it to go four issues, 112 printed pages, 32 for the first issue, 24 for the second and third, 32 for the fourth. We were hoping the story could end at around the 106 page mark, though, to save us some work and get it done faster, but unfortunately it’s looking more like 120-125 would have been best. We have a ton of work to do now in a very short amount of time. Issue #4 was solicited for November and it will be cancelled by Diamond if it’s not in stores by the end of December, which means we have to go to print by very early December. We have to do 29 pages in the next six and a half weeks, almost five pages per week.

    Another reason is that Owen agreed from the start to do a graphic novel of around 100-110 pages and we’re not sure at this point if he will continue on (if the comic continues on at all, that is). And we don’t need an entire fifth issue to finish the film’s story. Probably would only want 10-15 pages more, really, which doesn’t work, so it has to just be crammed into the fourth issue.

    This is one of the many problems that arise when you don’t write the whole comic beforehand.  The biggest problem is that the writing is a lot worse when you do that, but other problems include bad pacing throughout the story and not knowing exactly how many pages you need to tell it.

  4. Ro Guevara Says:

    Found your web comic by accident….Freakin awesome keep it up… Did the download thing from wowio…Hope you guys score a movie deal.
    Love the last panel. Would like to see the vampires to be some sort of shapeshifters (a la drake from Blade Trinity or something)

  5. Crow Says:

    I think this was well-written. Though the transition between panels 5, 6 & 7 were a little awkward. Although I like how it turned out, I can see why a few people were complaining. All in all, great work guys, as usual 🙂

  6. Necavi D. Omnes Says:

    I cackled.


  7. Kevin Carlson Says:

    Umm…how many Vampires to humans are there now?

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:

    30 humans, 30-50 vampires — haven’t decided how many vamps there are. Think of them like the population of the “Lost” island — never really know how many people are there.

  9. fieldy409 Says:

    Hey out of curiousity what was MM gonna do to be a hero? or is that too much spoiler?

  10. achrin Says:

    killing him outright would lop off a fair amount of comic book panels .. so to speak….as it was he was to close for comfort to both the watchers neck and turning .. at least as far as i was concerned … a most sensible reaction on murdos part , something that leaves people wondering WHY they kept a problem within their ranks rather than getting rid of it… interesting how the vampires can sense the state of change in the bitten ones .. just (minutes/half hour) as being a vampire and he just knows it…. i guess it goes along with the teeth and jaw modifications

  11. Cyclops Says:

    Bobby Crosby Says: October 16th, 2007 at 1:43 pm:
    “I think “28 Days Later” is one of the 15 or 20 worst movies ever made.”

    I wonder why do you think this.
    Because I agree with Dan that “28 Days Later” is one of the better movies.
    It also makes me wonder which other horror movies are on your worst/best top ten list.

  12. Szyronn Says:


  13. Alice Says:

    Murdo’s mouth is huuuge. 😮

  14. mark Says:

    Bye-Bye Moustashe Man!

  15. Crow Says:

    *raises hand to forehead, salutes* Lest we forget…

  16. Jakers Says:

    OMFG! this comic is so awesome my bro told me about it and i got hooked instantly really hope u get a movie deal and also i didnt like “28 days later” either really cheesie and annoying

  17. Tegu Says:


  18. Dersi Says:

    “I hate it in movies when the characters are always so fucking retarded and allow dangerous things to happen and bad guys or potential bad guys to live and it always bites ‘em in the ass and somebody dies because of it”

    OMG, I love you. Finally someone has the sense to make a comment at that idiotic-clichesque-stupid-good for nothing idea that some movies has. I really, rally HATE it. You should add a line in the movie about that.

  19. ModdyPride Says:

    Guess this means no hammer or axe beatings…

  20. Gary Says:

    wow i’ve been reading and it’s really great so far. Thumbs up 😀 and murdo looks wicked.

  21. moe Says:

    Grady should solve this witha basketball tournament with tfz…… but the basketball tournament would be played with moustache mans head.

  22. Atan Says:

    giant fangs ACHIEVED!!!!! i would have done that too, but first let him drink a bottle of scotch you know 🙂

    btw I would let her bite me too, it’s what i would really want to be + you can help better

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