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Page 88: The Old Switcheroo

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

I love Rage.

CLICK HERE to see my mouse drawn MS Paint sketch of this page!

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  1. Unati. Says:

    Ahahahaha. Awesome page. xD

  2. Kalara Says:

    This is great! I absolutely love the art and dialog on this page. After so much tragedy it’s refreshing to get some humor.
    This book has such a great range of emotions at this point, you’re doing a great job!

  3. Kiril Says:

    Awesome comic. Too bad that I am not American and I cannot download the pdf-s from that WOWIO site.

  4. Redrover Says:


    Gruesome, bloody, brutal, and awesome.

  5. TheLazySamurai Says:

    Ya same…poor us Canadians:(

  6. ocean Says:

    haha! i love that a minute ago, murdo looked so rough, but now he’s got that expression on his face he looks like he couldn’t hurt a fly.

    also, was rage a wrestler or something? i’d love it if he’s ripping zombie’s heads off etc etc all whilst shouting out wrestling moves. not that i know of any :s

    anyway damn good comic, man. don’t ever forget that.

  7. DAvid Says:

    woah, thats a HELL of a way to prove a point rofl

  8. Chris Says:

    Rage seems to be either very simple or possibly insane. But at least he is happy.

    I’m curious, why its only a wooden stake in the heart that kills vampires? What about chopping their heads off or being burned?

  9. dinges Says:

    too bad I can’t download them :S

    love how rage pulls of the head while pushing in the eyes :D

  10. Lydia Says:

    Is he holding Murdo’s sword?

  11. Austin W Says:

    awsome. its the zombies turn to get eaten!

  12. Anko Says:

    Wow, I guess Rage really does love torture.

  13. Northstar Says:

    LOL Rage is nuts.

    I like him! Murdo’s like “Dude… wtf?!”

  14. The HellJack Says:

    When it’s the end of the friggin’ world, it get’s harder and harder to find your “happy place”.

    Luckily for Rage, he finds it right in those squishy bits of zombie stuck between his fingers and under his nails.

  15. Ninmecu Says:

    Wow, that was really entertaining…XD What if a Vampire was decapitated, would they still live? o.O

  16. matthew Says:


  17. Vulcanis Says:

    I think its funny that Murdo is just nonchalantly beheading zombies.

  18. achrin Says:

    at last a teacher that runs himself through just to prove a point … i suppose if you had enough blood you could put the decapitated head on the neck stump and revive the body… i like the look from murdo on the last panel it says so much without all those word things … i really wonder about his “old wrestling days” and his pain addiction syndrome .. he must have put on a really good show for the crowd

  19. Endless Says:

    …that was made of awesome, period.

    Rage is m new favorite vampire (besides Murdo of course)

  20. Narfen Says:

    Neat… only wooden stakes… explaisn a few thigns for me atleast..

    Zombie brains.. dead? rotten? nasty… lol…

    besides that… he really just likes death doesnt he… I wonder if he collects throphies..

  21. wedge Says:

    so… decapitation is survivable?

  22. BLECK. Says:

    Probably one of the best pages so far, although I’m kinda wondering, like some others, how a vampire doesn’t die after being decapitated/incinerated (to ash)/chopped up to bits, etc etc… Second panel is awesome.

  23. DJam Says:

    Wow clearly us Last Blooders think alike… I was gonna post similar questions about decapitation and suchlike – B.C. you have to answer us!

  24. Krasno Says:

    If you cut a vampires head the head is still alive until it’s reattached to the neck of course. But the wooden thing I don’t know, but in a lot of mythologies it’s that way, like in the Blade comics (he wields wooden swords).

  25. KayRis Says:

    I wonder if Rage has always envisioned eating his competetors’ brains. Makes Mike Tyson look normal.

  26. Szyronn Says:

    love the action!!!

  27. Asbell Says:

    Awesome dialogue.

  28. Tom Says:


  29. Mochi Says:

    rage should be played by “macho-man” randy savage. It would make this scene hilarious.


  30. Eltharrion Says:

    It’s little bit funny when you start thinking that IF they all go against zombies, fully on rampage, maybe they COULD kill enough of them (after all, only Rage seems to chop those guys about 10-50 guys PER MINUTE, Murdo allmost the same rate).

    Okey, this would depend on how much they have drank blood, how long they can go with it and does power-using use more blood.

    That last one was actually a question: DOES the using of special powers (flying etc.) use more blood, and how they actually use it? Because if their anatomy is same as human’s, they just drink it, right? not sucking it into their teeth or anything… Sorry if you just haven’t thinked this, sorry. I’m just interested in small details (and my friends hate me ’cause of that)

  31. Scotsman Says:

    It’s nice to actually see a vampire with facial hair, let alone a beard! most are so obsessed with looking youthful, but who says it’s not cool to have a beard? Its awesome!

  32. Teardropcatcher Says:

    I’ve caugth a cold, it’s raining outside and this page made me kind of green. Blergh, Rage is disgusting. If Math thinks zombies smell horrible, I wonder how they taste. No, I don’t wonder, don’t want to think about that. Too gross for my upset stomach.
    Liked the way Murdo casually kills zombies, very cool. I’d really like to see that on film, very interesting. Not much else to say… Lots of love from Europe!

  33. blargishmurgles Says:

    So what happens if a vampire is stuck underwater? Can they breate forever? Do they become unconscious? Do they just really not like water so try to avoid the situation?

  34. blargishmurgles Says:

    Hate to double post, but also gotta ask- isn’t it possible that one or two people were living in remote corners of the earth by themselves and haven’t been hit yet? I mean, random hermits in mountains and stuff. It’s unlikely but possible that at least a few humans are hiding in the far corners of the earth, unaware of the zombie threat and the vampires and zombies unaware of them.

  35. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “also, was rage a wrestler or something?”

    Obviously — more info on that in the WOWIO-exclusive bonus that introduced Rage. Gotta download those issues!

    “What about chopping their heads off or being burned?”

    Nothing else whatsoever kills a vampire in this world — only a wooden stake through the heart. Chopping their head off would do nothing — it would just come right back to their body. They’re like the T-1000 in “Terminator 2.”

    “Is he holding Murdo’s sword?”

    In Panel 4 he said “Give me that sword!”

    “What if a Vampire was decapitated, would they still live?”

    They most certainly would, yes.

    “DOES the using of special powers (flying etc.) use more blood, and how they actually use it? Because if their anatomy is same as human’s, they just drink it, right? not sucking it into their teeth or anything… Sorry if you just haven’t thinked this, sorry.”

    I’ve answered it before several times, of course. Yes, more blood equals more strength, but they only need a tiny amount to ward off the TFZ turning process. They all have lots of blood right now from the humans in Mexico. As I’ve said before, when it reaches the point of hopelessness, when their ranks are broken and the zombies are DEFINITELY about to eat all the humans, the vampires grab some of the humans and drink their blood. They were drinking Mexican blood on the plane the whole way up there. They’re at their full powers.

    “So what happens if a vampire is stuck underwater? Can they breate forever? Do they become unconscious?”

    It has zero effect on them.

    “isn’t it possible that one or two people were living in remote corners of the earth by themselves and haven’t been hit yet?”

    LOL.  I’ve answered this no less than 10,000 times.  The First Zombie can smell human blood from over a thousand miles away, including people who are miles underground or underwater, and he flew around the entire world in a plane for the last few weeks smelling out EVERYONE and killing EVERYONE.  There are absolutely zero fucking humans left except the ones inside that school.

  36. Snake Says:

    bravo, simply amazing.

    I can see rage saying something like, “MMM tastes like chicken”

  37. Abrak Says:

    I love how Owen adapted Rage’s decapitation from the sketch. He just doesn’t grab the head, he pierces the eyes and then pulls up. I almost feel sorry for the zombie.

  38. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I agree with Abrak and I praised Owen for that in an e-mail last night.

  39. Fernando Hulio Says:

    A few questions, Mr. Bobby.

    Bobby, since TFZ has gotten nearly all humanity turned into zombies or killed, does he “control” the worlds military power?

    Can he smell through zombies?

    Lets say he uses the stuff in the world.
    If he can´t smell humans because they´re in space or some remote location in a bubble no smell escapes, would he track em down using the equipment he has “conquered”? (Missiles ftw, spacestation go boom) Or is that not his style?

    If he doesn´t use the equipment spread all over the world, why doesn´t he?

    Can´t wait for next update! Thank you! :D

  40. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Fernando: Um, answered all of those questions in my previous comment from 32 minutes before yours, and I’ve answered the same stuff a trillion times before that, and, as I’ve said a trillion times, the comic itself will also answer those questions shortly.

  41. Bloodwrath Says:

    Hahaha, that’s funny. I love the last panel where Murdo has this sort of ‘Huh’ expression I would expect from any college student after learning some amazing fact in their class.

    I also love Rage’s fighting style… very, ‘hands-on’

  42. Fernando Hulio Says:

    Btw, you need an “Answered questions” page, Bobby.

    …… Am I the only one wishing to see zombies riding tanks and then getting the cannon shoved up their asses by vampires?

  43. Bobby Crosby Says:

    You’re going to see a zombie firing a shoulder mounted rocket propelled grenade on Page 90.

    “Btw, you need an ‘Answered questions’ page, Bobby.”

    I’ve also responded to this 10,000 times. Google the answer.

  44. Fernando Hulio Says:

    I somehow knew you had heard that suggestion, probably this answer too.

    You scare me, Bobby.


  45. lakorp Says:

    shit…so zombies can use guns…

  46. Steve Says:

    “You’re going to see a zombie firing a shoulder mounted rocket propelled grenade on Page 90.”
    First, I went “that’s awesome”.
    Then I realized that’s the page after next.

  47. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “shit…so zombies can use guns…”

    The First Zombie of course can, and if he’s concentrating on controlling a specific zombie (or group of zombies) he can get them to fire guns as well. The zombies can do anything that they did as humans when ordered to by TFZ (as I’ve said many times before).

  48. Steve Says:

    Also, I just realized that the reason I love Rage so much is that he ends every sentence with an exclamation point!

  49. Bobby Crosby Says:

    That was actually a last minute change. My original script had zero exclamation points, but then it just seemed too boring to me after seeing the art and I altered some lines and added slammers to the end of them all. Wanted him to seem more happy and for it to seem more like a war zone situation where people have to scream.

  50. Bloodwrath Says:

    Is zombies using guns going to make ANY difference though? I mean we know from what happened to math that bullets only ruin vampire’s shirts. I guess that’ll scare the humans some more but it wouldn’t stop the vampires… which then again makes sense given TFZ’s objective to torture them all, since if the zombies kill all the humans, he wins (They have no more source of blood and have to suffer at this point or kill themselves) and if he gets his hands on them (Easy with the billions of zombies at his disposal…) he can chain them up to eliminate the possibility of them killing themselves.

    Well they’re screwed. I realize this has probably been asked multiple times, but google ISN’T my friend (It failed to turn up anything for ‘Last Blood TFZ objective’ ‘Last Blood TFZ goal’ and a few others. So what’s the goal behind TFZ’s torture? Is he really just planning to torture the vampires? Was that singular goal worth it for him to sacrifice the entire human race, including his (once?) family? It seems a little strange that he went this crazy, is it just because he was turned into a vampire unwillingly? Or is there more to it?

  51. Bobby Crosby Says:

    You’re not good at Google, and when Google fails, just read through all the comments. If you care so much about it to write up that long response, it doesn’t seem like some insanely difficult thing to just read all of my comments — probably would take less than 40 minutes. I’ve answered all that before many times (which includes the part of my answers that say that TFZ himself will tell you all about what happened IN THE COMIC, which is obviously coming up VERY SOON).

  52. Kris Says:

    omilord, one line and I’m instantly in love with Rage. You make psychotic vampires so sexy!

  53. Theinen Says:

    Man, nice page, gah went off on a rant yesterday because there was no new post after Addison F. Payne lol. Is it just me or are all the zombies afraid of Rage? I mean look at those faces, the ones Murdo are killing just looked surprised like “Damn he got me! I thought he was swinging at that other guy!”
    Now look at the zombies Rage um…. “playing with”. The looks on their faces just scream “Oh dear god help me!!”
    Owen is a frigging genius man lol

  54. Anko Says:

    I got a hoodie today in honor of TFZ.
    Owen, please draw TFZ in a grey hoodie when he explains stuff in his speech. I am assuming you’ll add a series of flashback pictures..?

  55. Nick Says:

    So.. if zombies are starved vampires, and vampires can only be killed by a wooden stake through the heart, wouldn’t the same be true for the zombies?

    Or is there a severe chemical change that happens with the switch to becoming a zombie?

    Would a zombie that drank someone’s blood be a vampire again?

    Sorry for the “already asked” questions, if that is the case!

    Love the book, keep it up, gents!

  56. Krasno Says:

    The flying vampires should drop nukes on the zombies.

    PS: If a nuke can vaporize all the mater in the vicinity of the explosion, and if a vampire is there, would he become a living pile of dust until someone pours blood there or blood isn’t necessary to regenerate? (which brings up the question if they can re grow lost limbs, even if they lost them prior transformation)

  57. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “So.. if zombies are starved vampires”

    Argh — it always kills my soul when I see someone wrongly assume this. Zombies are NOT STARVED VAMPIRES. Only ONE ZOMBIE is a starved vampire — only the FIRST ZOMBIE. You think the planet Earth was made up of seven billion vampires and no humans at the start of this story or what? Here’s how it works –

    One vampire doesn’t drink blood for 65 years and becomes a First Zombie, a schaemiac, and then all of the other zombies who spring from him, the first one being that girl on the beach on Page 4, they’re all just REGULAR ZOMBIES, humans who were bitten by a zombie and now are a zombie themselves — they have NOTHING TO DO WITH VAMPIRES.

    “If a nuke can vaporize all the mater in the vicinity of the explosion, and if a vampire is there, would he become a living pile of dust until someone pours blood there or blood isn’t necessary to regenerate?”

    Again, they’re like the T-1000 in “Terminator 2.”  All of their tiny little pieces would just come right back to the body and be whole again, including their blood.

  58. Krasno Says:

    I just realized, the WW2 guy from the first pages isn’t actually the first zombie, is A first zombie!!!

  59. Ken C. Says:

    Cool page, kudos to you both.

    Not that the pace of this comic has ever been slow, but I like how you’ve picked up the pace (of the story) as the final confrontation draws near. It really lends a frantic feeling to the sombre “we’re so fucked” feeling that you can read in the faces of some of the characters.

    No stupid questions.

    No requests for exotic weaponry :)


  60. Jeff Says:

    I checked through all the comments (pretty sure I got ‘em all) and I don’t think this question has been asked. We know that when the zombies came through the tunnel into the gym they were looking for somebody specific. For a while I thought it might be April because she was TFZ’s granddaughter, but now we find out that Murdo is TFZ’s relative. Since they completely ignored him while he was giving CPR to his mom is it safe to assume they were after Val? My guess is that TFZ wanted Val personally as a prisoner so he could show her everything she’s responsible (indirectly) for.

  61. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Literally at least four times I said that Val is who they were after.

  62. Jeff Says:

    Dang. That’s what I get for trying to read 88 pages worth of comments in one sitting.

  63. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Here’s just one of them, by the way.

  64. Wolfaitor Says:

    I’m about 85% sure this hasn’t been asked, so I’m just going to go ahead with it; this is all well and good, but what’s TFZ going to do AFTER everyone is gone? I mean, there’ll be no more humans to conquer, he’ll have captured and tortured the vampires… What’s left for him after total and complete victory? (I understand that the humans win in the end, per previous comments, but I’m thinking theoretically. Is TFZ just not thinking that far ahead, and being a little bit more impulsive and “in the moment”?)

  65. Bobby Crosby Says:

    I’ve talked about it before. The answer is that he doesn’t care. He just went through 65 years of torture and now he’s about to finish off his complete victory, as you said, so who cares what happens after that. First he’ll have to make sure the vampires go through their torture, though, so he’s basically gotta just be a prison warden for 65 years, making sure they don’t get out and don’t get blood anywhere somehow. And then when they all become First Zombies like him, maybe he’d kill them for fun, then kill himself.

  66. christine Says:

    Did…did Rage just…drive that sword through his heart!? Naw, he won’t die; he’s cool like that.

  67. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Yeah, sword’s not made out of wood, so he’s fine.

  68. Jaime Says:

    “so he’s basically gotta just be a prison warden for 65 years, making sure they don’t get out and don’t get blood anywhere somehow”

    Pretty sure you’ve said it before, maybe even 10.000 times, that the ‘schaemiac’ process is irreversible after a couple of weeks without blood. Unless of course he justs wants to watch them agonize for sixty… five… years…

  69. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Pretty sure you’ve said it before, maybe even 10.000 times, that the ’schaemiac’ process is irreversible after a couple of weeks without blood.”

    And how would TFZ know that? All that matters is what he knows, not what I know. He’s not going to take any chances. Also, I’m not sure if I ever did specifically say that. If I did, that may be changed (might play a role in the sequels). What I have said is that after two weeks the pain is so bad that you can’t do anything, can’t move, but that doesn’t mean someone else could bring you blood, like maybe other undetectable First Zombies who are loyal to vampires and want to stop their torture.  None of this will matter anyway, of course, since the evil TFZ dies very soon.

  70. KayRis Says:

    Wait, “other undetectable First Zombies” meaning that there are more than one good first zombie? I thought that there were only 2 first zombies. Or did you mean first zombies from the past and vampires from the past?

  71. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Who knows what’s out there — The First Zombie knows that he can’t be smelled, since he’s stood close to vampires (was like 30 feet from Math on Page 32), so he knows that there could be other First Zombies out there like him that he didn’t smell on his trek around the world finding all the humans. I’ve also recently said that the First Zombie who was in Bulgaria in the 12th century is probably still around and that he might show up in a sequel.

  72. kitsrock Says:

    does paint or finish on the wood stake alter the ability to kill a vampire?

  73. Bobby Crosby Says:


  74. sdm Says:

    So a sword with a wooden centre would do the trick?

  75. Bobby Crosby Says:

    No, the wood itself has to pierce the heart and go through. The paint or finish wouldn’t really affect that, but just putting some wood inside the blade of a non-wooden sword wouldn’t do the trick, since the wood would never actually touch the heart that way.

  76. sdm Says:

    Ah okay, thanks

  77. darkyboy Says:

    haha fun

  78. long time reader, first time caller Says:

    The blood or saliva or wahtever (of the zombies) getting into humans turns them into zombies right? And the blood or fluids of a zombie do nothing to a vampire, I’m assuming since only stakes into the heart kill ‘em.

  79. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “The blood or saliva or wahtever (of the zombies) getting into humans turns them into zombies right?”

    No, it’s entirely about getting bitten by a zombie, some crazy teeth magic. You could eat a piece of a zombie’s brain and you won’t get turned into a zombie, although you will get very sick. A zombie with no teeth can’t turn anyone. Gotta be bit.

    “And the blood or fluids of a zombie do nothing to a vampire, I’m assuming since only stakes into the heart kill ‘em.”


  80. Sim^moN Says:

    Rage, ripping zombah flesh with his bare hands – outstanding. Still you do exelent job writing and Owen does excelent job drawing this story.
    Cheers for you mates =D

  81. fieldy409 Says:

    ….the zombies wont be using stakes will they? Nah TFZ wants them to suffer doesnt he?

    But does he want them all to suffer? maybe he will take out the strong ones(like rage and payne)

  82. Bobby Crosby Says:

    There’s no need to take out strong ones — it’s not like it matters. The vampires have zero chance whatsoever of stopping the death of the humans, so killing any vampires would just go completely against his goal of torturing them. He will kill at least one of them, though, but that has nothing to do with war strategy or anything.

  83. fieldy409 Says:

    fair enough.

  84. fieldy409 Says:

    hey how fast do they regenerate?

  85. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Not sure what you mean. They don’t regenerate — the pieces just come back onto them if they’re removed, as I said multiple times earlier in this comments page, and it happens very quickly. If you cut off a vampire’s head with a sword, the head probably wouldn’t get more than a few inches away from the body before simply zooming back onto it as if nothing happened. Takes slightly longer, but still very fast, in the case of an explosion, though, as you might see on Page 91.

  86. mac Says:

    Man, Murdo looks like Timothy McVeigh, separated at birth. Murdo’s face his more chiseled, but the nose is close and the deep-set eyes are the same.

  87. nebelkrähe Says:

    Sorry, same old thing: TFZ jetsetting, sniffing the living? No, doesn’t work for me at all – and I hate that, ’cause the rest of the story is quite outstanding.

    Spreading “desease” all around the world? And the governments are doing nothing? Don’t think so – much more likely they would panic, attacking, nuking random countries (we know that by now, do we?) – and I think that would be a better explanation why all of them are dead or will die soon.
    Btw: would radioactive contamination spoil human blood for vampires?

    Other alternative: government tried to stop “desease” with bio-weapons – killing most of the unzombified.

    Just my 2cents – great story, wonderful artwork and I really admire the effort and blood you put into it!

  88. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Why are you spelling disease wrong and putting it in quotes?

    “And the governments are doing nothing?”

    Who the fuck said the governments did nothing and why would you insanely assume that?

    “Don’t think so – much more likely they would panic, attacking, nuking random countries”

    As I’ve said a trillion times, that’s what they did do and a lot of the world was nuked. Read the damn comments before saying retarded shit like this.  Oh, and also READ THE COMIC before saying shit like that –



    “I think that would be a better explanation why all of them are dead or will die soon.”

    Better than WHAT? That is the explanation, along with tons of other obvious things, like ZOMBIES KILLING EVERYONE LED BY A SMART PERSON WHO CONTROLS THEM ALL AND HAS BEEN PLANNING THIS INVASION FOR 65 YEARS.

    “Btw: would radioactive contamination spoil human blood for vampires?”


  89. Bad Gift Says:

    I just realized something (I think) and forgive my stupidity if it’s wrong or has been common knowlege by now, but did Murdo shoot TFZ in the first few pages? Is that the zombie him and Grady were carrying to the dumpster on page 6 (If memory serves)? If so, awesome! Otherwise meh.

  90. Bobby Crosby Says:

    As I’ve said many many times, yes, that was the evil TFZ.

  91. Sween Says:

    Bet you haven’t answered this one yet, though.

    Is Rage a blonde, or is his hair white?

    Just curious. ;)

  92. Bobby Crosby Says:

    Download the WOWIO issues to see his hair in color.

  93. sdm Says:

    poor Canadians, we will never know about Rage’s lustrous mane

  94. Steve Says:

    The only thing that i’m disappointed about with the “only wood stakes kill vampires” scenario is that we’ll never get to see a vampire killed by a punch through the mouth and out the other side, ’30 days of night’-style.
    besides that, excellent.

  95. Klosetti Says:

    I find it funny that the best thing to charge a vampire with would be a toy sword.

    Fear my carpentry.

  96. Tegu Says:


  97. Dersi Says:

    Mexican blood, extra spicy, gives a boost XD (im mexican so shut up)

    Bobby how can you endure all that bickering?

    I was thinking about the zombie conversion method. So only by the bitting, and it doesnt involve the saliva… Since MM was indirectly bitten but his skin were perforated by a zombie girl when he punched her.

    Well, maybe the zombie’s teeth work on the some way has those of a poisoning snake. When they have cavities inside the teeth and when they bite the poison (in this case the zombie disease) gets inside the body/bloodstream.

  98. Trilbydude Says:


  99. chris Says:

    Lol, it’s quite amusing to see Crosby’s answers to questions on page one as compared to this page.

    I.E.: Page one — Reader — “So the first zombie is really just an old vampire?” Crosby — “yes”.

    Page 88 — Reader — “So the first zombie is a vampire? How come all the other zombies aren’t vampires?”

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