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Page 96: Isn’t Over Yet

Friday, November 9th, 2007

Ha, I had “full post shortly” on here for 30 hours.  Anyway, so yeah, it isn’t over yet!

CLICK HERE to see my mouse drawn MS Paint sketch of this page!

82 Responses to “Page 96: Isn’t Over Yet”

  1. Schick Says:

    damn… it looks like things are goin to hell…

  2. KayRis Says:

    hehe, looks like some vampires DO need special chains…Val rocks.

  3. IGOR Says:


    I thought no 1 can break out of the chains, but Val did.

  4. Bobby Crosby Says:

    She drank by far the most blood of any other vampire in the past 24 hours, so she’s at her full power, with not only Murdo’s mom’s blood, but also Murdo’s blood.

  5. Lazarus Says:

    Great rendition guys, I’m looking forward to the rest.

  6. Shayla Says:

    Val in last panel: HULK ANGRY! D

  7. Shayla Says:

    Huh? Where did the rest of my post go? I must have messed something up. Sorry for the lame joke in my last post. Quick question: Is Devian from so long ago that she speaks more formaly? Ex:Could not instead of couldn’t, and I am instead of I’m? Or is that just the way you choose to write that? No offence to the writing style of course. Just curious.

  8. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Huh? Where did the rest of my post go?”

    This WordPress system sometimes deletes everything after a smiley face in a post for some reason.

    “Is Devian from so long ago that she speaks more formaly?”

    Not totally sure what the reason is, but she certainly speaks more formally. Addison is 2,087, but he refers to himself as Addison Fucking Payne, so age alone isn’t a reason to speak more formally. Some people adapt to the times differently than others. She was brought up in a very formal, traditional atmosphere, and she chose not to adapt to the times in many ways.

  9. Anko Says:

    I want that axe. My world war I sword just won’t cut it for me anymore, even if it was extremely expensive.
    And I’m going to let my hair grow as long as Val’s by next Halloween. Then I’ll dye it red and do something very awesome, not sure what exactly. I’ll probably also buy another sword to have a pair. And then go murder my chemistry teacher.
    This post is one of the consequences of staying up for 20 hours and going to an orthodontist sometime during that time frame. The bloke said he could make my teeth longer after my mom blurted out about my “obsession with vampires”. Not sure if I should go for it.


  10. Anko Says:

    Plus, I forgot to say something more detailed about this page.


    What does the Z stand for anyway, Zombie? Beats me.


  11. Crazy Artist Says:

    first off, thanks anko for the FAQ.

    Secondly, this is kinda sad cuz i know whats coming. Part of me is like “FUCK YEAH” when she breaks from the chains, and the other part is like “oh wait…she’s gonna commit suicide…shit.”

    Ahhh…i loves it.

    Love A.F.Ps expression 6. He seems to have a constant “does it look like i give a fuck” attitude. I did a jack-o-lantern of him screaming “BECAUSE I”M ADDISON FUCKING PAYNE” for Halloween.
    Mmmmmkai, the fatigue and cold medicine are starting to kick in so i’m gonna call it a night.


    -crazy artist

  12. Wolfgang Says:

    I’m sure we all expected Rage to be the one bursting out of the chains. Then again, contrasting Devian to Addison for the number of chains…. Rage is probably a two ton ball of metal links now where as I’m guessing Val got circled around three or so times (judging by the image). That kind of surprises me though. Even if TFZ knows AFP is the leader, I’d think Val would receive at least as many chains for being the one to turn him.

  13. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “and the other part is like ‘oh wait…she’s gonna commit suicide…shit.’ ”

    Val does not commit suicide.

    “Even if TFZ knows AFP is the leader, I’d think Val would receive at least as many chains for being the one to turn him.”

    Make sure you read Page 97 for the answer to your confusion!

  14. Lydia Says:

    Poor Devian. I really like her. Addison’s totally just thinking, “Ugh, you fail.”

  15. Phreaker Says:

    “But he refers to himself as Addison Fucking Payne”

    More reason as to why he is made of total win and awesome.

  16. mark Says:

    Addison Fucking Payne looks like he either just swallowed a cockroach or he’s thinking “This is exactly what i want TFZ to do”

  17. Necavi D. Omnes Says:

    Oh snap.

    Val needs a Midol.


  18. Son of a Monk Says:

    Looking at this from the movie standpoint, cutting from the last page to this one should have some really cool camera effects, and a big whooshing sound, equivalent to a room getting unpressurized. The effect on the audience would be a sense of finality and impending doom, maybe some more cello music as we begin to see the chained vampires. Really sort of hits you, they are f*cked. Unless, of course, The almighty A.F.P. has a solution on the way, which we know he does.

  19. Bobby Crosby Says:

    SPOILER: Actually Addison plays almost no role in their survival from this point on. It’s even possible that he won’t have another line.

  20. Michael Cra Says:

    Bu..But…but He’s Addison fucking Payne he has to have more lines *sob*

    awesome Comic by the way I love both of your guy’s work

  21. nohface Says:

    …..How can A.F.P now have any more lines, his badassness is only rivaled by Rage, I think he should still have some lines just not alot and play a very minor part but still awesome. Not my place to say but might as well give you my feed back =D

  22. Bobby Crosby Says:

    There’s no time left for anyone to have a lot of lines, really — this thing ends in 16 pages. Also, Addison almost has to die very soon. It’s the only major question mark left in the writing. The only way for the final scene to work is if Addison is dead and I can’t really change that final scene. Anyway, some tough writing coming up. Don’t want to kill him, but may have to, but figuring out how is extremely difficult (and there’s so little time for it). Do not give any suggestions — don’t want to hear them.

  23. Kaze Says:

    Ummm Val is toast.

    And I believe i read that Devian is Japanese, that being said could it be possible that English is a second language and thus she would speak a more formal and structured version of the language (think of the high school Spanish you may have taken, it sounds nothing like the stuff you here on the street)

    Not that it matters really, but I guess being able to hypothesis this little bits helps the readers attach a littler personal claim to the characters thus making us all more invested in the story.

    Giving us those cues, is a testament to the quality job the creators have done, Good job guys… now dont fuck up the ending ;)

  24. Speakerftdead Says:

    You have an excellent of way of enforcing this idea that no matter what the Vampires do, they are currently screwed.

    Had I not read the spoilers by this point, I would have been sitting here anxiously refreshing the page over and over waiting for this to be resolved so that the “good guys” have a chance at surviving.

    Basically, that’s a fan boy way of saying excellent job, and I look forward to recommending this comic book to everyone that I know.

  25. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “And I believe i read that Devian is Japanese”

    She’s Chinese, as I’ve confirmed many times, and yes, English is not her first language.

  26. MJK Says:

    You know what I like the most about this one? The little poster over Math’s left shoulder.


  27. Claen'tor Says:

    Meh, really short comment this time.

    Well, Val looks plenty angry right now. Full on Rage-esque. Ownage coming up on the next page, though I’m not certain whom will be owning whom.

    This is Claen’tor, signing off.

  28. Jhon Says:

    Long time reader, first time poster (sounds so fucking generic)

    I am curious if TFZ has any ‘backup’ chains on hand. Otherwise those armed zombies in a small space vs a full strength vampire = Heads being torn off.

    Then all Val has to do is to free the others. But most likely that is not what happens, but its a plausible scenario. In the wide open, it could have been easy to chain the vampires, but in a tight closed area, it might be tougher, especially if all the chains have already been used up. Knowing TFZ, he might have brought more. Just incase there was more vampires, but that is debunked by the fact he can smell the vampires. (I believe thats the case, Im too lazy to check the FAQ right now because Im about to go to bed)

    But I remember reading about a cure for vampirism being in the briefcase on the FAQ. If AFP doesnt have any lines, does that serum come into play at all? And Im curious to when ‘good’ TFZ comes in with his teenie, tiny zombie army

  29. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “I am curious if TFZ has any ‘backup’ chains on hand.”

    He has a trillion chains. He brought 10 times more than enough.

    “In the wide open, it could have been easy to chain the vampires, but in a tight closed area, it might be tougher”

    That seems like the opposite of logic to me.

    He can smell vampires, yes — smells their blood.

    “does that serum come into play at all?”

    Very end, yes (said this 3,000 times).

    “And Im curious to when ‘good’ TFZ comes in with his teenie, tiny zombie army”

    Around Page 105 (hopefully).

  30. Dart08 Says:

    i’m really looking forward to the zombie vs zombie matchup in the future.
    i guess that because the good TFZ’s zombie army is smaller, he can concentrate better and his zombies will perform more complex fighting like karate or something.
    a karate ninja zombie smashing the brains of a regular zombie be awesome!

  31. Snake Says:

    it would be awesome indeed, just like this page.

    by the way AFP must be a huge threat. look at all his chains, devians is nothing to his

  32. Allison Says:

    I can’t wait for the next page and to see what happens to Val! Disappointed that Devian didn’t fly away, but for her character it makes sense. I just skimmed through the FAQs (while trying to avoid spoilers) and read that Devian is Chinese. Explains a lot about her character to me.

    Anyways, if this gets made into the movie mentioned earlier (sorry, haven’t been reading the comments) I’m curious as to how the chaining of the vampires will actually commence, and how the last panel is done. :)

    Can’t wait for the next page!

  33. Teardropcatcher Says:

    Val kicks ass once more! XD I think Devian speaks more formally because English isn’t her first language, I do that a lot too, so I kind of understand her… Kind of.
    Aw, you’re going to kill A.F. Payne! ;_;
    Poor Mac, he’s so exhausted… Wish I could take that axe from him and kill kill kill x_x
    Great page, I can’t wait for more!

  34. A D Says:

    Do the chains on Devian actually stop her from flying (needs to use her arms), or is it because she’s not very strong at flying and she’s being held down on the ground? My mental image: Devian-balloon, being held by zombies :P

    And – please don’t kill Addison Payne! I like him too much! Maybe if he’s incapacitated (too many chains to take off easily)?

  35. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “is it because she’s not very strong at flying and she’s being held down on the ground?”

    She’s extremely good at flying, but she’s also chained to the zombies that are holding her and she already said that she can’t lift Mac, so she can’t lift them either.

    “Maybe if he’s incapacitated (too many chains to take off easily)?”

    Wouldn’t matter, needs to be dead, and he’s now definitely going to die — it’s final. Around Page 102.

  36. Northstar Says:

    I see TFZ knows bloody good and well how badass Addison Payne is. XD

  37. achrin Says:

    looks like some kind of chain fragment formed some kind of letter in front of vals chest there……..

  38. Pablo618 Says:


  39. McGurker Says:


    Addison fucking Payne….we hardly knew ye.

  40. Jeff Says:

    As always I am very impressed with Owen’s drawings. Val busting loose from her chains was done perfectly.

  41. Ted Says:

    Hah, I love that Addisson Payne has like 600 pounds of chains around him and Devian has like a single chain.

  42. Crazy Artist Says:

    i’m guessing this has already been asked but is the cure for vamprism thats in the case have any effect on schaemiacs?

  43. Jesse Says:

    Well, crap. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap.
    AFP, I preemptively mourn you.

  44. Jake Says:

    poor Addison Paine…At least make his death a worthy one

  45. Jake Says:

    cause Addison Fucking Paine don’t go out like no bitch

  46. Lord Klingsor Says:

    Devian… you make me want to weep… And all of this, really. And seeing Addison F. Payne in chains makes me want to weep even more.

  47. Vo Says:

    “Also, Addison almost has to die very soon”

    Will he finally get to see Jesus again? Is he going to Heaven?

    As for the chains, did TFZ just grab the first crap he could find or did he take his time to pick each out? Only reason I ask is because Devian and Math have neck collars, but AFP and Val don’t.

  48. Lord Klingsor Says:

    It’s not what will happen to him. It’s seeing him in chains. I can’t explain.

  49. Lord Klingsor Says:

    It’s because-… aw, I can’t even try to explain why this makes me so sad and noit what is to happen.

  50. Lord Klingsor Says:

    But still… A.F.Payne’s calm and collected and stoical face is probably what makes me the saddest. Okay, I will stop writing things like this.

  51. Kenny C. Says:

    Well, if I were Vampiracated against my will by some crazy bitch, and then concocted this overblown convoluted scheme to get back at them, I’d probably use as few chains to contain her as possible, as an insult. Like, “ha, you’re weak, you suck.” And if she breaks free, all the better! That way she’d have a little false hope before I chain her AGAIN. Repeat ad nauseam until she’s too tired to break free from chains, then downgrade to rope, then maybe to gardening twine. Eventually, she’d be tied up with her own hair, which I’d have shorn from her scalp. Insult to injury. But that’s just me.

    AFP in so many chains is like a mark of great respect. When he does go, I’m sure it’ll be dramatic and awesome, not something stupid like, “Well, humanity is safe. Now I can retur- Fwuh! (slips on some crayons a kid left on the floor, falls and lands on a pointy Lincoln-log, dies.)” Besides, there’s always room for an “Addison Fucking Payne and Pals” spinoff cartoon show for the kids on Nickelodeon. Doesn’t have to be cannonical. He can, like, teach them shapes and colors.

  52. Lord Klingsor Says:

    And I’m sorry he has to die. If he does have to die. But… I know he will die with dignity.

    …well, he technically was already dead anyway.

  53. Lord Klingsor Says:

    Also, I don’t know how many comments I have made on this page already but I don’t care, I’m making one more.

    Chains have always been in a way sacred to me and ropes on the other hand unclean. (This has a reason but would require a two pages long explanation.) Maybe this is one of the reasons why it makes me sad. Or one of the reasons why it makes me less sad?…

  54. Lord Klingsor Says:

    Our last hope is Val, I think. I hope she can somehow free the rest but I don’t know. Also I’m glad Addison F. Payne dies rather than being chained up for all eternity. -He is better off this way and more noble as well.

    Okay. My computer has frozen twenty times while I was reading this page and I have gotten into a state of utter downheartedness. It is time I leave. At least until next update. Lord Klingsor over and out.

  55. cyburnetiks Says:

    and of course, now mac is too tired to save the vamps. looks like it’s up to Val and possibly Grady. Think of it, if Mac had stayed inside to cut the z’s off just as they broke past the vampire line, the vamps would be fighting again for another few hours due to awesome.

    Although, then we would lose all the awesome mac +vamp fight scenes and probably unnecessarily stretched the story out, but i can dream can’t i?

  56. Wolfgang Says:

    Lord Klingsor, WTF? Three posts in a row at least twice. Plus you’re not making sense to me.

  57. Grym Says:

    I love how devian has about three chains, while adison has so ma ny chains you can barely see him
    ‘I’m sorry, would you like some addison payne with those chains?’

  58. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “looks like some kind of chain fragment formed some kind of letter in front of vals chest there”

    Ha, I didn’t even notice that. That’s cool.

  59. Austin W Says:

    addison will go down by the most awsome way possible. in my mind at least.

  60. Sigel Says:

    Mmh, a pity we can’t hear anything: in the movie, Val’s scream when breaking her chains should be memorable.

    Ans also, when saying “you”, does Devian mean the entire group of vampires, or only Addison? Because… I don’t know, they seem to be quite close to each other. Not as a couple of course, but is Addison some kind of mentor to Devian? I must say I like the idea of him being a kind of wise elder among the vampires. And at that critical moment, he would be an exemple for them: stern and dignified till the end… till the very near end…

  61. Katy Says:

    *wails* but, but *trembling lip* we all love AFP!! Now we’ll never know the secret of the sunglasses! Or how he keeps his skull so amazingly taut! or, or . . . *sigh*

    Well, as they say, if you have to go – go with a smile. I vote for the crayon slippage, Lincoln log impalement . . . ;-) Brings to mind all the silly stuff that happens to Spike – he’ll be doing his big, dramatic monologue, then *bam* trip, or fall in a grave, or get tasered, etc. Love that stuff.

  62. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “addison will go down by the most awsome way possible.”

    Unfortunately it won’t exactly be awesome, but it will include a major clue to a major plot point of the sequel.

    “Devian mean the entire group of vampires, or only Addison?”

    Entire group, but a special emphasis on Addison as well.

    “but is Addison some kind of mentor to Devian?”

    He’s basically a mentor to everyone, but he had a special relationship with Devian. Her flight always comes in handy, especially before Addison invented the airplane.

  63. Ian Lee Says:

    awesome page man. keep up the great work.

  64. Jeremiah Says:

    Man forget val’s expression. The zombie’s expression in the last panel is priceless. He and i assume it is a he has that ” This crap happens to me look”

  65. Jeremiah Says:

    Correction “This crap ALWAYS happens to me” kind of look.

  66. Jen Says:

    Crap, was there some part where they discussed chains being able to really restrict vampires or something? I totally don’t remember that at all… can anybody point me to the comic where that’s explained?

  67. Anko Says:

    “Her flight always comes in handy, especially before Addison invented the airplane.”

    Ha, I might be sorry when he dies after all. Yelling at Math just repulse me that much now that I know he invented airplanes. All is forgiven. I was born because airplanes exist. I owe AFP everything.

  68. Bobby Crosby Says:

    “Crap, was there some part where they discussed chains being able to really restrict vampires or something?”

    Um, multiple times, yes. Like on Page 85, which was called CHAINS –


    Addison strongly implies there that chains would restrict them. Then on Page 87 he 100% makes it clear that chains could hold him –


    “I totally don’t remember that at all… can anybody point me to the comic where that’s explained?”

    You have a bad memory. And on Page 34 Devian made it clear that she can’t carry Mac. If she can’t carry Mac, how is she supposed to break free from chains?


    And on Page 94 Addison explains that TFZ was tiring the vampires out so they’d be too weak to break free from the chains –


    So this issue has been covered substantially, jeez.

    Also, why would it need to be explained? It’s explained simply by seeing that chains are holding them. Now you know! Their strength comes from having a lot of fresh blood in their system, and Val has the most fresh blood of any of them after drinking Murdo’s mom’s blood and Murdo’s blood. Most of the rest have gone without much blood for the past month, so they’re weaker than usual.

  69. London Jack Says:

    Weapon of choice: Long rifle(scoped), Sig Sauer P229, Cricket Bat

    …dunno where that came from. Being a vampire would so rock.

  70. Kenny C. Says:

    “Her flight always comes in handy, especially before Addison invented the airplane.”

    LOL. Finally, credit where credit is due. All that “wright brothers” crap, with the first flight being for 30 seconds or whatever, that was never believable. Thousands-years old vampire inventing the airplane actually does make more sense.

  71. Austin W Says:

    okay,instead of asking what addison invented,what did addison NOT invent? seems like every invention in the last 2000 years was made by him

  72. mrblackcat Says:

    Well, maybe he invented a moisturizure cream for the zombies’ oh-so-dry skin? or perhaps a cure for cancer?
    On a more serious note: i bet he invented a cure for being a vampire. or a high heat bomb or somesuch. maybe it’s something akin to blade’s serum? sorry bout comparing something like blade to this.
    oh well, just a thought.

  73. London Jack Says:

    True enough. We should try to guess!

    Addison didn’t invent: …
    huh….can’t think of one.

  74. Zaldaran Says:

    i love that addison gets extra chains. as if humanity didn’t have it bad enough after the end of the world, now AFP is going to die. we are so screwed even if we make it through all this and living through the zombie infested world. maybe jesus will come back and save addison this time, ha.

  75. Art Says:

    AFP apparently did not invent Rogaine. :P

  76. Jaysburn Says:

    Yeah, he already said that the vial in the case was a cure for vampirism.
    And as for the chains, why would they be able to break out of them? I imagine being made a vampire makes you stronger, but not a TONNE stronger. I imagine most of their strength is from thousands of years of workout. And if they had drank blood I imagine most of them would be able to break out.

    The chains were also further explained by them only attacking from one direction, wearing them down until they were weak enough to use the chains on.

    So stop asking stupid questions about them, it’s all right there and obvious.

  77. London Jack Says:

    And the bazooka shell didn’t help any.

  78. Szyronn Says:

    why do the eyes of the zombies light up? [or did I miss that answer?]
    great page…

  79. Arilean Says:

    Heehee the Book poster by Math is amusing. And OH NO OH NO! to the rest of it.

  80. Altair Says:

    Sure, I’m a girl… But that’ s not gonna stop me from dressing up as Matheson for halloween. ‘Cause he’s badass.

    And I’m in freakout mode right now, since this is getting very…very…very… suspensfully exciting. Meh.

    Brain overload. I’ll be sad if everyone dies.

  81. Tegu Says:


  82. Trilbydude Says:



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