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Page 100: The Oath

Friday, November 16th, 2007

So many words.

CLICK HERE to see my mouse drawn MS Paint sketch of this page!

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  1. Krasno Says:

    Someone help! I can’t create a spoilers warning (man, I added a lot of plot stuff)

  2. Enrique Says:

    I see no reason to complain over waiting 3 or 4 days for an update – other web comics I frequent sometimes take WEEKS for an update. Jesus, VG Cats is a great example – My hatred seethes like a overcooked kettle for that site, but only because I love it so. I’d say Last Blood is definitely in my favorite top three, and honestly much more entertaining that most comic books you can buy at the store. By the way, Bobby, you mentioned once you played poker with Jason Mewes and Keven Smith right? Have they expressed interest in purchasing the film rights from you, or better yet funding you to make it yourself? If you’re going to sell it to anyone, please, make it them – It’d be awesome. On another note I hate you for so casually remarking that you play poker with my most favorite film maker ever to grace the no-longer silver screen. ='(

  3. Grym Says:

    How would Francis know it was a vampire? Wouldn’t it be more plausible he saw a fake vampire, thought it was real, and then made the organization?

    although, if he did see a vampire—Wouldn’t it be ironic if it were Val?

  4. Sky Says:

    Sorry, what I meant with the “I don’t know if it’ll be seen” bit was that I’m not sure if Owen reads these comments/would get the message. Apparently it happens, though – I noticed a recent comment above.

    Also, for future reference (and since “buddy” is fairly gender-neutral in my book, I really do mean simply for the sake of future reference), I’m female.

    …I only just now realized that TFZ’s text bubble colors are inverted, compared to the rest. Talk about unawareness. 😉

  5. Jesse Says:

    “D4 H(_)|\|63|2 P4I|\|5!!!! L4CK 0F (_)PD473S PAIN!!!”

    0(_)CH |\/|Y 3Y35 H(_)r7 FR0|\/| 50 |\/|(_)CH 13375P33K!!!1!

  6. Crazy Artist Says:

    First off, Jesse, just wow.

    Secondly, decent page but i want some more action or degrading of WLB.

  7. Robert G. Mason Says:

    “In my opinion, AFP is the single most interesting character in a work of fiction that I’ve seen in a long time. ”

    Now, while I won’t dispute AFP’s PWNess (stupid stupid last name regardless), you MUST read more. Stupid non-comment-reading idiots have helped immensely by asking, on every single page, about I AM LEGEND. Oh, and read QUOTH THE RAVEN, a comic I’m starting up. Alvero F. Prospero, in my (highly biased) opinion, has got at least as much, if not more, PWNess, in the long run, than AFP.


    Just noticed, they got the same initials.

    Still, real good comic. Could be reworked in a lot of places, but it isn’t sheer, unadulterated crap, like most stuff I find on the ‘net.

  8. Krasno Says:

    “0(_)CH |\/|Y 3Y35 H(_)r7 FR0|\/| 50 |\/|(_)CH 13375P33K!!!1!”

    |-|4|-|4!!! P(_)|\|Y |-|(_)|\/|4|\|

  9. Krasno Says:

    Ok, that last line went “HAHA!!!! PUNY HUMAN CAN’T TAKE THE VAMPIRE L337NESS!!” but for some reason it was cut 🙁

  10. Anko Says:

    “Secondly, decent page but i want some more action or degrading of WLB.”


  11. Jesse Says:

    Krasno: that’s because there is justice in the world.

  12. blargishmurgles Says:

    Hahaha, nice one Jesse. But seriously, I imagine that your C was a “less-than” sign. Those delete themselves and everything after them in a post… It’s just something that forums don’t like. testing…

  13. Krasno Says:

    I fail to see the criticism there Jesse, please elaborate on the subject that troubles you.

  14. blargishmurgles Says:

    Ah-HA! I was right! Thought as much. I’d seen this before in a forum and discovered a way around it, and I just remembered it. If you type a greater-than sign after the less-than sign, then everything AFTER THE GREATER-THAN will be displayed. I don’t know if you can go less-than, less-than, greater-than… Not sure if it would show the sign or just be searching for another greater-than.

    Well that’s one mystery solved.


  15. Krasno Says:

    Then I won’t l337 speak anymore ^_^

  16. mark Says:

    so TFZ is Murdo’s Grandpa??

    Good twist, setting us up that it ws April’s grandpa…

  17. Tegu Says:


  18. Zerahl Says:

    rofl at duke nukem reference in the oath 😀

  19. Zerahl Says:

    *is now bothered to read through the comments*

    someone else picked up on the quote, yay 😀

  20. Trilbydude Says:

    Wilcox is the Duke, baby!

    “eat shit and die…”

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