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Hot Scoop!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Check it out, a big Last Blood film deal!

Ha, got you, April Fool’s! Thanks to my boy Skeeter for mocking up that awesome Variety article. He’s got the great photoshop skills. If only it was real.

46 Responses to “Hot Scoop!”

  1. Anko Says:

    Can’t wait for it to be a movie, eventually.

  2. Elithrion Says:

    I must congratulate you sir, for of all the jokes I have seen this past day this is the only one that made me go “I’m so confused!” The trick-within-a-trick was a nice touch.

    That said, congratulations on it being real, and I look forward to seeing it.

  3. Khalid Says:

    I don’t get it.. is it real or is it a joke? 😛

  4. deejay Says:

    Nice! Congrats Bobby. Now, I’m starting to get nervous breakdowns lately, and a lot of rashes, and I keep drooling around. I think I’m going through another LB withdrawal phase. It’s quite hard to withstand. Is there anyway you could get me some LB? I really need it man. I need it bad.

    (bad attempt to sound like a drug addict)

  5. SEA Says:

    Too bad it’s already the 2nd here XD

    And yeah, a Last Blood film would definately be awesome beyond belief.
    May ths article be true one day.

    Oh, right.

    HAPPY April Fool’s everyone. !!! XD

  6. Demon! Says:

    Heh heh, good one!

    Remember folks – April Fools is the one day in the year wen we are reminded what we are during the other 364 days 😉

  7. Axel Says:

    Congratulations! It’s a great story, that deserves a film adaptation.

  8. George Says:

    Aw it’s not real. Although if it was it would be kinda scary as well we’ve got 2 pages of screenplay, which would be the first handful of pages, out of 112. Not that much really still nice joke, better then the site directs I was seeing all April Fool’s Day, those were bloody annoying

    George (KITEY IS DEAD :0)

  9. Bryan Says:

    Dudes… Google is your friend, as is the link Bobby put in the post… it’s not an April Fools joke. Bobby – CONGRATS – LB is a great story, and it’ll be an even better movie!

  10. Niha Says:

    I think a great film could come out of this story…

  11. Rob Says:

    So, you fooled us in to thinking you’d fooled us? D:

  12. Valandor Says:

    You guys did notice that the link on the bottem of the post actualy links to the same article on the actual Variety site right?

  13. Moredread Says:

    Congradulations on the movie – real or not. Guess you won’t have to make your own cheap version yourself.

  14. Shayna Says:

    That is so cute, my greatest accomplishment on photoshop was taking a 17 year old girls picture and blending clips of her skin to cover her acne.

    Your picture is awesome.


    1. Its a damn joke moron.
    2. I’m chained to a desk for 8 hours. Goofing off on LB has become a time killer for me. I do 15 minutes of actual work everyday. The rest is comics, books and writing.

    TEGU: I applaud your attempt at alleviating boredom. May I suggest jokes with a little more meat.

  15. Clouds90 Says:

    that makes me sad…….i thought it was a new comic! u guys need to update more often!

  16. Cody Says:

    All that unneccesary reading for nothing.
    that was too cruel.
    sigh another 12hr work day with nothing to think aboot but LB.

  17. Ravnis Says:



  18. Northstar Says:

    Awww too bad it’s not real! That would be awesome!

  19. Ryan Says:

    It is real lol there is going to be a movie thats the april fools joke getting you to believe there isnt going to be a movie and it was just a joke.

  20. Joe Says:

    LOL… I was gotten twice on that one… now i feel like a true moron. Congrats Bobby

  21. ed Says:

    WAHOO!!! THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE EPIC (btw click on the link, it is real shows it on variety)

  22. ed Says:

    oh wait dang, is it a movie in the link?

  23. Vicky Says:

    Let me introduce you guys an old friend named Google.



  24. JesterSB Says:

    Now I’m really confused…great job Bobby…best April Fools of the day.

  25. vulcanis Says:

    Hey guys, this is actually real.




  26. Tegu Says:

    You’d think by now Bobby would have a us trained to use google.

  27. The Skwinge Says:

    Quite possibly the most awesome April Fool’s joke I’ve ever seen over the Internet – great job and congrats you guys 😀

  28. PsychoP Says:

    Goooood one 😉

    Nearly as good as my try to trick my father with positive pregnancy test, which I hadn’t, but he fell for it, when I tried to explain him, what were we(me and my girl) planning to do to him O:o)

  29. three chord Says:

    mhm it seems to be real you guys so stop saying too bad its not real!

  30. Harlie Says:

    *sigh* All the time for a prank but not enough time for an update?

  31. Paralda Says:


  32. steve aka sjcrows Says:

    i cant believe it lol best april fools ive seen in ages fooling people into thinking there wasnt gonan be a movie u guys rock bring on last blood movie just dont let the studios f**k with the story too much its perfect as it is just read this all today such an amazing graphic novel has an actual storyline which makes sense. keep it up guys

    steve aka sjcrows

  33. Ben Says:

    Bobby, congratulations on the double-trick you pulled off and on the news. I just hope they adapt it faithfully rather than go the route that Uwe Bolle has gone with so many adaptations of great computer games.

  34. Lance Says:

    Well played Mr. Crosby, well played.

  35. Liam Says:

    …-twitch-…….-twitch twitch-…-Head exploads from lack of comic-…

  36. Rob Says:

    -A simple gasp of delight escapes his throat. –




    -His joy seems to be growing at an insatiable rate until he reads the comment of the page.-

    YOU SUCK! I hate this holiday!

    Nah, I’m kidding. You did get me on this one when I first saw it, as I had forgotten the date and this happened to be the first website I checked doing an April Fool’s joke.

    Anywho good luck with Marry Me and getting it done in time.

  37. Harlie Says:

    Well I feel better now that it is confirmed. Good luck ^_^ and hopefully we’ll see some more comics before the film’s completion so us faithful readers are a step above non readers. And so we can judge whether or not they did it right :P.

  38. Shayna Says:

    I don’t know about Bob or Owen, but when I would have heard that news I would have been like….

    *jumping* MUTHER F*** YEAH!

    As it is I am kinda doing right now!

  39. Drakoniano Says:

    cool i can’t wait to see the movie =D

  40. Garitheous Says:

    Well, it got me to find out about this comic so thanks to your son. Gtreat comic by the way, it would make a great movie

  41. Arilean Says:


    *does happy dance*

  42. Altair Says:


    My day has just been made. I’m hyperventilating. Breathing into a paper bag. etc. etc. ad naseum. OH THE EXCITEMENT!

  43. Altair Says:

    Yeah, I realize it’s a joke. I just needed to rant.

  44. slick_richie Says:

    whats last blood?

  45. deejay Says:

    ” slick_richie Says:
    April 8th, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    whats last blood?”

    LMAO. Good one.

    Like, no comments? Even the fans are starting to get lazy nowadays. So what do you think will happen in the next panel? Lets hear some ideas.

  46. Antonio Says:

    that is awesome!

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